Saturday, October 9, 2010

Federici the Ghost

I was just reading about The Princess Theatre on the That's Melbourne website. They say the theatre has a ghost; Federici.  That's pretty cool.

The death of Federici happened in March 1888.  Since then...for every opening night of a performance, a seat is left empty for him. The Princess Theatre folks now see a sighting of Federici as a sign of good luck. Supposedly, he's a friendly ghost.  

I like hearing pleasant ghost stories like that. It helps me to imagine there IS life after death.  

Here's a whole website about Melbourne ghosts.  

There's something called the Drew Sinton's Haunted Bookshop. I'm not sure if it's actually haunted, or it's about ghosts and other occult stuff.  Maybe they have a website of their own.

Oh!  I get it. The Melbourne ghost website is the bookshop's website!  They do a ghost tour. Then they also sell occult books, occult jewelry, and Tarot cards.  I think I might like that type of place.   

They also do psychic readings. I might want to try that again someday. Maybe.  Or maybe not. I shall see.

Where is the store located?

It's on 15 McKillop Street.  It's a ten minute walk from the library, and I plan for us to go there.    How far is the Princess Theatre from all that?

Google Maps says it's about 15 minutes away from the Haunted Bookshop.  Then the library is in the middle.  We can start at the bookshop, go to the library, and then go to the theatre.   That sounds fun.  

I doubt we'll see any shows at the theatre, but it will be nice to just see it.  The architecture looks really nice.  I'm slowly becoming a bit interested in architecture, probably only on a superficial level.  I think it started with London maybe....seeing all those nice buildings.  Then my dad sent us photos of their European river cruise. He blamed this period of ugly buildings on Communism. Now that Communism is gone they're back to having beautiful buildings.   Okay?   So then I wanted to know if we have a Communism problem in Fort Worth, because our buildings are incredibly ugly.  Blah! It's AWFUL.    I used to feel slighted because I don't live near an ocean.  Now I'm annoyed that I don't live in a place with beautiful architecture.   The good news is....despite commercial/retail buildings being horrible, there's a lot of lovely private homes here. So it's not all bad.

Anyway....back to ghosts.

The Haunted Bookshop site says there are ghosts in Chinatown. Some people refuse to go down certain alleys. I'll refuse to walk down certain streets, usually because I saw vomit there. I much prefer ghosts to vomit.   

The Haunted Bookshop site talks about Federici. They say that people at his last performance claim he came out to take his bow.  Interesting....

They say the library is haunted as well.  

 What else?

The Queen Victoria Market is built on top of an old graveyard.

At Flinder's Street Railway Station, there's been sightings of a fisherman ghost.

Here's another haunted website.    They list more Melbourne ghosts.    One of them was in Luna Park. The website calls him a crazy joker ghost.  That sounds kind of creepy. Old amusement parks with freaky clown stuff is scary enough on its own. You don't need a ghost.

At Methodist Ladies College, there's a ghost named Nelly. She either killed herself, or died from a disease. OR maybe she looked into the eyes of a Basilisk.

The haunted Victorian website lists three haunted mental asylums. Prisons and asylums seem to be haunted a lot. Or is it just my imagination?  I'm guessing maybe the environment creates unhappy people. And unhappy people are probably more likely to be of the haunting type when they die.