Saturday, October 2, 2010

Google Map Fun Part 6

This is getting to be like a miniseries.

I'm having fun writing these. I hope maybe someone out there is having fun reading them.

Should I apologize in the case that I may be totally boring everyone? I don't know. Maybe?

I shouldn't be so self-conscious.  But I am. Deal with it.

Shit.   Now I feel obligated to apologize for being boring, self-conscious, AND neurotic.

Let's just change the subject.

Jack and Tim made homemade milkshakes.  They looked REALLY good. Tim put a whip cream, and cherry on it. As Tim said in London once, a cherry makes any dessert look good.

Unfortunately I already ate my dessert earlier, and my tummy hurts.   So I can't partake in Maraschino bliss.

Now I shall start the game.  

For Tasmania, I landed  on 2727 Bass Highway in Marrawah.

I find it to be quite beautiful. I was just thinking....these posts would probably be much better IF I was good at describing scenery. I'm not. When I was writing novels, setting descriptions were definitely my weak point.

I just zoomed out. Marrawah is on the north-west tip of Tasmania.

It's about two hours west of Burnie.

My friends live in Launceston. How long would it take them to get to Marrawah?

Google Maps says that's about a 4 hour drive.

This article in The Age  says that Marrawah is known for Aboriginal Sites. There's one called Sundown Point

A guy named Bernard Cronin wrote a novel, published in 1918, about Marrawah; The Coastlanders.

One of the aboriginal sites is called Sundown Point. It has engravings.  

I'm going to move on over to Victoria now.  

I landed in a parking lot....a pretty rural one. The address is Stockyard Hill Causeway.

There's a lot of trees....maybe it's a park?

I just zoomed out to get a better sense of where I'm at.

It turns out I'm near Lake's Entrance.

There's a lot of water near the area....almost like it's an island. Well, like it's not fully connected to the rest of the land.  It's kind of hard to explain.  Well, I should say it's hard for ME to explain because I'm not good at the describing scenery thing.

The area with the causeway is called Loch Sport. Maybe they play a sport involving the Loch Ness Monster?  No, probably not.

Loch Sport has their own website.  I think they do a good job of selling their area.  They are jumping, the beaches beckon, kangaroos are in the yard, and birds feed out of your hand.  

That sounds fun to me. I especially like the birds feeding out of your hand thing. Although I'm prejudiced and prefer some birds over others.  Pigeons gross me out a bit. I much prefer parrots.

I bet you're more likely to get parrots at Loch Sport.

Now I'm going to hop up to New South Wales.

I landed in a rural farm-type area. There's some kind of animal. Probably cattle.

The address is 1232 Bullamallta Road, in Quialigo.

I have to say....I don't have an easy time spelling Australian place names.

Quialigo is about 30 minutes south of Goulburn. I wonder if we passed it on our drive from Sydney to Canberra.

I'm going to head on up to Queensland now.

I landed on the New England Highway. It does kind of look more like England than Australia.   And maybe it looks like America's New England.  It doesn't fit my stereotype of Australia.    But you can't have a whole country fitting a stereotype.   I bet most countries have a variety of landscape and climate.  And I probably have two stereotypes of Australia.   The main one is the whole outback.   Red dirt.   Lack of Green. Unpaved road.  Quirky pub filled with loud drunk men.  Then there's the beach culture—sand, surfing, scuba-diving, and sharks.

I guess there's also the cities and the huge cattle stations.   Anything besides that.....Well, it may be IN Australia, but it's just not Australia.    I'm joking.   Don't worry.    BUT....when we visited Kiama, we jokingly call it Ireland.   Australia's not supposed to have all that green! I guess Australia is like an actor....trying hard to avoid typecasting.

Oh.   Back to the map....

The piece of the New England Highway I landed on is in Allora.  It's about two hours south-west of Brisbane.

Lord Wiki says there was a place there called Talgai Homestead.  Supposedly now, it's a bed and breakfast.  

I'm back in the Northern Territory now....the place where I can get my perfect Australian stereotype.

Like usual, I'm on the Stuart Highway.   This time I'm in Davenport.

I've heard of a Davenport in Australia, but I don't think I associated it with the Northern Territory.   Maybe there's another one?  Maybe in Tasmania?

Nope.  I'm probably mistaken.  I'm not finding it on Google Maps. There are some Davenport streets though.

Davenport is about twelve hours north of Alice Springs.  

There's a Davenport Range National Park.  According to the Northern Territory government, it's not good to visit from December to March.   It's hot then, and there's flooding.

I'm now in Bruce Rock Doodlakine Road, in Bruce Rock, Western Australia.   

It has some of the Aussie dirt I love, but there's also a bit of greenery. And the road is a paved one.

Here's a Bruce Rock website.  

There's a rock in Bruce Rock.  

The town is about 4 hours west of Perth.

For the South Australian part of my journey, I've landed right near the beach.  

And there's some kind of building right here.  Maybe a hotel or motel?   It's not very pretty.   It looks more like an office building.  It seems a bit weird to have an office building near a beach.

The address is Esplanade/Recreation Parade, in Semaphore Park. It's 30 minutes north of Adelaide.

Well, actually....Lord Wiki says it's a suburb IN Adelaide. I guess it's 30 minutes from the CBD. 

Here's a house for sale in Semaphore Park.   They're asking for 410-480 thousand.   It has three bedrooms.

Well, I'm done for now....