Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jesus Cheese

I have this new awesome friend.   She could be my soulmate...or one of them.   But she's not perfect.  She has a very disturbing shortcoming.  She doesn't like Modern Family.   I was shocked when she made that confession.

Anyway, I decided to make my own confession.  If I was going to still love her after she revealed that, she'd have to love me after I revealed I don't much like Kath and Kim.  I confessed that, and she was okay with it.  She's much more tolerant than I am. 

I told my new friend that there was ONE joke I liked from Kath and Kim.    I liked when someone told someone else to order a statue of baby Jesus, and the directions were misheard. They ended up with a statue made of baby cheeses.  That totally cracked me up.

So here I am this week having these conversations about Modern Family and Kath and Kim.   Tonight Tim, Jack, and I watched Modern Family.   Gloria ordered her husband the baby cheeses that he loves. They open up the package and find a baby Jesus.  It was the Kath and Kim joke in reverse.   Was it a coincidence?  An homage to Kath and Kim?   I don't know. 

As I was writing this, Jack came in the room and told me he thinks they (someone) should make a Menorah with a baby Jesus on it. If someone orders it on the phone, they might end up with a Menorah with baby cheeses.  

In other news, we had an awesome Harry Potter party today. You can read more about it on our homeschooling blog, or look at our Flickr photos.