Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not By the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin

This morning I was looking to see if iTunes has the soundtrack for season 6 of Lost.  I LOVE the music from that show.   

As far as I can see, they don't have it yet.  But I looked at other music by the composer; Michael Giacchino.  One of his most popular songs on iTunes is "Married Life" from Up.  It's a great song.   And it's so different from Lost.  I don't know if I'd know, by just listening, that it was done by the same guy who did the Lost stuff.  I think with a lot of composers, all their stuff kind of sounds alike. 

Anyway, then I saw that Giaccino is doing the music for the new horror movie, Let Me In.  I've seen the title before....probably rushed by me as we skipped through commercials.  I was curious, so I consulted my beloved Lord Wiki.  Lord Wiki told me it was a remake of a Swedish film called Let the Right One In.  I've heard of this movie because HappyOrganist wrote a post about the book it's based on.  I was kind of surprised she liked it because she's not really into the whole vampire thing. I DO like vampire stuff, so I'd probably love the book, and maybe one (or both) of the movies too.


I finally encountered a popular vampire thing that I didn't like.    Last week I read the first book in the Anita Blake series.  I didn't like it. I didn't like the personality/voice of the narrator/main character.    I MUCH prefer Sookie and Bella. Oh....and I have a new one in my life; Zoey Redbird.  

Here I am rambling about Michael Giacchino and vampires on my Australian blog. I really try hard to NOT do posts that aren't at least somewhat Australia-related.

But guess what. This does get to be Australia-related.

The star of Let Me In is Australian!  After I talked to Lord Wiki about the film, exercised, and bonded with Mushu, I glanced at Google Entertainment News (Australia version). There's an article about the film, and the fact that it's star is an Aussie

The kid's name is Kodi Smit-McPhee.   IMDb says he was in Romulus my Father...that movie with Eric Bana.   I'm trying to remember what I know about the movie.    It was about mental illness.   I remember that. I think the mother left the family? Did Eric Bana play the father?   I'm thinking he did. Then I guess Smit-McPhee played the kid.

Let me go watch a trailer....refresh my memory!  

He's a beautiful child. Haunting. He's a great pick for a horror movie.

He also seems to be a great actor, at least from what I can see in the trailer.

Maybe I'll watch the trailer from Let Me In.  

Why are vampires so popular lately?   Is it just a meaningless passing fad, or does it say something about our society? 

Speaking of monsters....Yesterday I watched a little bit of Frankenstein, and got to see Gilderoy Lockheart raise Bellatrix Lestrange from the dead. That was kind of eerie.    

Back to Smit-McPhee.  He was also in that recent movie, The Road. I think Tim saw it.  

Now Lord Wiki is telling me more about the young actor.

His older sister (Siona Smit-McPhee) was on Neighbours.  

He is scared of The Exorcist, but he does like some horror movies.

Lord Wiki doesn't have much exciting stuff on the guy.

This interview has an interesting quote from Smit McPhee.  He plays a lonely child, and is asked if he used his own experiences to help build the character.    McPhee replies, Yeah. I’ve been lonely sometimes and didn’t have a lot of people to talk to. I’ve been trapped in an apartment all day. I’m just trying to find some friends here that I can connect to. I’ve had a routine of just doing nothing all day. You think, “It’s Hollywood, it will be fun,” but there’s really not a lot to do. You just get bored and feel like you’re wasting away your time. That’s a lot of what Owen is feeling, and he does a lot of things to pass his time. 

Wise words from a young one.  Sometimes loneliness hits us at times and places we don't expect.    And sometimes it hits us when we WOULD expect it.  Like you're in a plane crash, and survive.    All the other survivors speak English, and you speak only Korean.   That would probably be very lonely.