Saturday, October 30, 2010

She Needs To Write More Blog Posts!

I was reading this unschooling blog, and found a comment that appealed to me.  The commenter sounded very down-to-earth.  I hate to say this about my fellow unschoolers, but I will.  Sometimes they seem a bit out there.  And I'm out there.  Of course.  I KNOW I'm weird.  But I feel other unschoolers we meet are even MORE out there....far away from where we are.  Am I making sense?   Probably not. Just nod and pretend you understand what I'm saying.

What I should really say is that we have not yet met an unschooling family we click with yet....minus my niece's family. 

But this commenter (Jonni) seemed cool to me....just by her comment.   I decided to follow the link to her blog. Her profile says she gets obsessed with stuff. TOTALLY my type of person.  What is one of the things she's obsessed with?  Harry Potter! This woman could be my soulmate.  I had a brief fantasy of her living in Fort Worth.  I think this is because I just finished reading One Whole Perfect Day by Judith Clarke, a book about things falling perfectly into place.   

Anyway, I don't think she lives in Fort Worth.

She seems to be an Australian. Well, the fact that she likes Paul Jennings gave me that idea.   Although some outside of Australia might have heard of him.  But then in her blog, she says right as rain. Isn't that an Aussie saying?   

Oh wait. No, it's not.  Or maybe it's not. I'm looking at Google, and not seeing it mentioned as being Australian. She could be British.

I just noticed in the comment that she wrote (the one I loved), she said mum and not mom.  

I wish Jonni would write more blog entries,  She hasn't written any for several months.   In her last entry, she says she's begun to unschool her kids.  From her recent comment on the other blog, I can see she's still doing it. I guess she just doesn't blog about it.

You know what.   There's a good chance that she's British or Australian.   BUT....she could be an expat.Maybe she's living in Fort Worth. Maybe she decided to homeschool because the schools are so bad in Texas.

Yeah.   I know.   I'm crazy.