Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sometimes I don't understand the news. I've been hearing stuff about how THIS flood might not be as bad as the one in 1974.  

1974 was a long time ago.  And I don't know. If my house was underwater, I don't think I'd feel much reassurance about the fact that this flood wasn't as bad as one 37 years ago.

It's like someone coming up to you and saying Hey, I'm going to beat you up.  You're going to have massive bleeding and injuries. You'll probably need to go to the hospital. But hey.  It's not so bad.   I'm not going to beat you up as bad as the last guy I attacked.  

I think it IS good news if they projected super badness in this current flood, and now they think it might be a little less super bad.  But I don't see what's the purpose of comparing it to 1974. Well, I think it is nice to learn about history. And it's fun to compare. I get that.  I just don't see how it's reassuring to know that your flood is a little less severe. 

On the bright side....

Brisbane recovered after the 1974 flood, so that means they can do it again. And we have more modern technology now. That should probably help.