Monday, January 3, 2011

American Parents Deserve Some Sympathy

So....Australia finally has a PAID parental leave policy.  Primary caregivers will get 18 weeks of minimum wage while they stay with their babies.

This isn't as good as Bulgaria.  According to Lord Wiki, Bulgarians get one year at 100% pay, and the SECOND year at minimum wage.  That's pretty awesome.   

American parents?  They get NOTHING.  No paid leave. They get 12 weeks unpaid leave.

All this talk of family values? It's bullshit.

Why don't we worry less about who is marrying who, and worry more about parents not being able to spend enough time with their infants.   

That would be nice.

Oh and guess what.  Maybe if single mothers knew the government would support them more, there'd be less abortions. Huh? Could it be possible? I'd say....yes.   

Anyway, congratulations to Australia for getting the paid leave.  Maybe America will notice, and follow along.  I hope so.