Thursday, January 6, 2011

Best Supporting Actor

I went to the Golden Globes website today to see what nominations The King's Speech received.  I was disturbed to see that Geoffrey Rush wasn't listed as a nominee for best actor.  But then I decided not to have a fit, because they probably just stuck him in the supporting actor category.  And they did.

In my opinion, his character was of equal importance to Colin Firth's character.  The movie wasn't about a king who had speech therapy.  It was about the relationship between a king and his speech therapist.  It was kind of like...a buddy film. 

It's not a huge deal, and there's probably a reason for it.  My guess is they already had too many people in the actor category, and they needed someone for the supporting actor category.  

I don't recognize a lot of Australian names among the nominees.  Just Rush, and Toni Collette.   Maybe there's a writer, director, music person? 

I'll check. 

For directors, we got American, American, British (The King's Speech), British, American.

Oh!   I found another Australian actor.  How did I miss that?

Jacki Weaver. Actually, I missed it because I just looked at names.  I don't really know much of Jacki Weaver.  I HAVE definitely heard of her movie.  Animal Kingdom. That's Australian.  

I won't be cheering (almost said rooting; sometimes forget how inappropriate that is to most of my readers) for Weaver, because she's up against Helena Bonham Carter.  Sorry. 

How about screenwriters?

We have British, American, British, American, American.

Musical Score?

We got French (ah! something different), American, Indian (something different again!) British/American, German (It's fun to see something besides British, American, and Australian).

I'm looking now at actors I've not heard of before. They could be Australian.

Oops.  I missed someone else.  Nicole Kidman. How did I miss that?  

I have no idea. 

I really don't read carefully enough. 

I'm going to work on that. Maybe I should add it to my New Year resolutions.  

Anyway, I hope Geoffrey Rush wins.  He's adorable.  And talented.  I like the bit where he's all emotional, but fights back the tears. I like that kind of acting....very subtle.