Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dawson River

I just watched this home movie clip on the Australian Screen website.  It's of the Dawson River around 1940.  

I googled to find out where that river is, and saw that part of it is in Queensland. I figured might be flooding a bit.  Although Lord Wiki says there's also a Dawson River in New South Wales.   The home movie might be of that river.  I'm not sure. 


I found this article that kind of puts a positive spin on things.   In a nutshell, yeah the floods are and will cause major loss and destruction.  But in the long run, it's likely to help the Lake Eyre area, which is sometimes troubled by drought.   

If I'm understanding Lord Wiki though, in the past few years Lake Eyre has had a good amount of wetness.  Do they need that much more?  

It's so frustrating to hear about droughts and floods. One place is in desperate need of water, and another place has way too much. Are we ever going to come up with a good way of distributing excess water? 

Maybe one day we'll be able to control the weather.  Then every place will have the perfect amount of rain. 

I just googled the thing that would scare me the most about floods in Australia.


I'd be absolutely terrified.

I have lots of dreams about alligators and crocodiles.

I don't hate them....if they're in a nice strong zoo enclosure.

But yeah.  Google News says there is (or might be) a crocodile issue.