Monday, January 10, 2011


If you want a picture of how terrifying these floods are, look at the comments on this Facebook group.  It's the Queensland Police Service which has warnings and information about evacuations. 


I think sometimes I have this false sense that OTHER people know what to do in these situations.    They wouldn't be as lost and confused as me.   But I see these people, and they remind me of how I imagine I'd be.

I can imagine if my city flooded.  I think I'd be in disbelief.  Maybe I'd even get caught up in the thrill of it all.   But then what if it looked like my house was in danger.  What would we do?   If they said we needed to evacuate, where would we go?  And if there was a place, how do we get there?   Swim??!

What would I do with the cats?   A woman commenting on the Facebook group pleads for someone to help her with her horse.  It's so sad. 

Oh wait. It's been updated.  The horse was rescued.  For now.

There's a woman asking where she should go if there's an evacuation.  Someone tells her to go up on her roof.  She replies that she can't get up on her roof.

Is it easy to get up on a roof?   How do you do that?   With a ladder?

I'm trying to find a website that teaches people how to get up on their roof. I'm not finding it.   Maybe it's common knowledge to the rest of the world. 

I guess you do use the ladder.  That's kind of scary.  What if the water is already there, and you have to walk in it?   What if there are scary things in the water?

This website has some flood safety advice.    Some of it sounds helpful.   They say if you have more than one story in your house, and you have time....move stuff up to the second floor.    That way if the flood isn't too high, you might be able to save some stuff.   Heck, if it's not too high....then you don't need to climb onto the roof.  That would be good.  Well, not good....but maybe a little less bad.  

Okay.  I refreshed the Facebook group again.  Someone has some roof advice.  Bel West says, about getting to your roof, if need be, punch a hole from below, rather than trying to climb up from the outside, if that makes sense.

That might work.  How do you punch that hole though?

Well, I hope people figure this all out, and get themselves to safety.  And if they do make it to their roofs, I hope someone comes to rescue them soon.