Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fire and Rain

Australia's made it into International News again.  I didn't catch it at first.  My iGoogle page has mostly Australia news, so I thought that's what I was looking at.  But it turns out the flooding catastrophe of Queensland is now on CNN.

That's some scary stuff. 

Two summers ago there were major fires. Now there's major flooding.  And while there were fires two years ago, there was flooding as well.   Are there fires going on right now?  

I just plugged fire Australia into Google News

It doesn't look too good.  South Australia is having major fire-friendly weather...Victoria as well.

There was a major cyclone warning a few days ago.  Is that still a big threat?  Hopefully, it has passed.

Well, I guess I'll try to send positive weather thoughts over to Australia.  Not that the United States is perfect or anything.  We've had some weather issues lately as well.  Fort Worth is doing well though....knock on wood.