Monday, January 10, 2011

Good News

I was reading Facebook, and an Australia news website announced that 50 out of 72 people missing from the flood had been found. 

I didn't know they were missing.  I missed that. I can't say I'm surprised though I DID know about the floods.   And floods do kill people sometimes.

But anyway....

It's nice to hear some good news. I hope they found the other 22 people.

I'm so tired of floods and fires.

I'm tired of people killing each other.

Any bit of good news is a blessing.  

The Herald Sun has a terrifying flood map.   

Brisbane is now in danger, and I've heard New South Wales is being threatened as well.  

It's all really depressing.  

Here's a place to donate money.  Repairs are going to cost a lot.

I'm going to go get my credit card as soon as I finish writing this.

And I'll pray.  I'm not sure if prayer works, but it doesn't hurt to try. And it makes me feel a little less useless...even if it's in a delusional sense.