Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm a Little Verklempt

I finished reading The Spell Book of Listen Taylor.   I wasn't sure if I could love it more than Moriarty's Ashbury High series.  And while reading the first half of the book, I had my doubts.    But in the end....

I love this book.

It made me cry...well, I had wet eyes, at least.  I haven't had a good sob since the Lost finale back in May.   

Anyway....the book had a lot of stuff I could relate to; at least on an emotional level.    

You know....often when I read a really awesome Australia book or hear a really good song, I get all philosophical and think If I wasn't obsessed with Australia, I may never have been exposed to this wonderful thing.

Jaclyn Moriarty alone would be worth my whole Australia obsession.  She would make it all worth it. Seriously.  But lucky for me, I have gotten SO much more than just that.