Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not Just Queensland

Someone on Facebook mentioned the fact that although we need to worry and fret about Queensland,  there are stormy issues in other parts of Australia as well.  

Queensland definitely seems to have the brunt of Mother Nature's wrath right now.  But other states are having issues, and it's probably best to give them some of our attention.  

South Australia is facing the threat of severe storms.  Hopefully, this will end up being a false alarm.   We can all sigh with relief.  Or if it does happen, maybe it will be minor.

We frequently get severe storm warnings in my city.  Most of it ends up not being a huge deal.  

Northern New South Wales is having flood issues.  This is pretty serious...to the point that they're having evacuations by helicopter. One of the effected towns is Tenterfield; you know like the song.  

There are fires south of Perth.   This was not an act of nation. An arson is to blame.  That's not to say nature hasn't helped it along.

Anyway, if you're religious (or spiritual) please add all these places and people to your prayers.     Oh...and pray for the animals as well. On his blog, Alex has a very sad photo of a stranded snake.  

You know, I thought maybe Victoria was doing okay. But now I see they're expecting floods as well. Shit!  

Maybe the Northern Territory is okay? I'm not seeing anything major in terms of flood and fire.