Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Nice Thing About Natural Disasters

For the most part, Natural Disasters are complete shit.  Destruction, death, and despair. There's your keywords.

But there is some good that comes out of it. You get to see people doing amazing things for each other.

This Facebook group warms my heart.  It's made up of people offering their homes to others.

One woman says, Alexandra Hills room for 2 adults 2 children and pets welcome must love cats we love to help for as long as needed. please don't hesitate to contact us. We can pick you up. 

Another woman says if anyone in the Ipswich area needs this help I can offer emergency accommodation in Eastern Heights Ipswich. Have high set four bedroom house, 2 WC's but only one bathroom unfortunately. Can sleep up to 6 people if needed. Pets welcome, have fenced yard for larger animals. Have dogs and cats myself. 

I think it's very generous of people to open up their home to complete strangers. It's beautiful.   I don't know if I'd be nice enough to do that.  But I REALLY admire those who do. It's like hiding Jews during the Holocaust, but probably a little less dangerous. 

Well, yeah. See, that's the thing about disasters. It creates heroes.