Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes the Government Does Nice Things

I just saw this on Facebook, via the Queensland Police Service.  Anna Bligh (the Premier of Queensland) announced that all public transportation in the south east of Queensland will be free for a week. That's really cool. 

Hopefully it will make things easier for people.

Here's the official media release.  

They talk about how some people have lost their cars. Or they didn't even have a car in the first place.  Also, with all the craziness, some people may have lost their Go Card.  

Bligh and her people ask that folks don't overuse the gift. They still want travel to be limited to essential type stuff.  That makes sense. If everyone decides to go for a joyride, it's going to get really crowded.  And then it's not really a joyride anymore.  

I can picture major bonding going on in trains and buses. Tragedies really bring people together.

I guess there's a downside.  The government will lose revenue, and that revenue is probably needed right now. Although I'm sure they'll make up for it in some other way.