Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Billion Dollars

This article in The Australian is saying that the flood bill might be three billion dollars.  That doesn't surprise me. Things are expensive these days.

So, I think Queensland is definitely in need of more monetary donations.   So far the fund set up by the government is at 45 million. That's a good start. And hopefully other organizations are getting money as well.  

While we're on the subject of needful places....

Australia is MY favorite country, and so I'm focused on that place.  But there are other places needing assistance as well.   I would feel bad not mentioning them. 

Like Australia....Brazil is having way too much rain. There was a landslide there that killed over three hundred people.

There's also major flooding in Sri Lanka.  

Any earthquakes out there?

I don't see anything big. Haiti's still trying to recover from the last one.

Life is rough.  

If we can all do a little something to help out, maybe it will be a little less rough.