Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquakes, Empathy, Harry Potter, and Deletion

1. Tired of earthquakes, and very sad for Japan.

2. Worried about my parents and my sister's family. They're all in San Francisco.

3. Worried about Australia.

4. Dreamed that I was visiting my friend Tracey.   We're at a table with her daughter Tara; and we're eating and drinking.  Tracey pours me some kind of drink, and I'm supposed do dilute it, because it's very strong.  Tracy has to talk to someone on the phone, and she wants me to listen in.  I'm not too excited about the whole thing, but I decide maybe it'll be fun to hear Australian voices. Sometimes that's thrilling in itself.  The woman on the phone doesn't sound Australian though.  She just sounds gruff and hoarse.  

The woman asks about Hawaii.  She wants information.  I'm guessing this is why Tracey wants me to listen.  We went to Hawaii together.  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to stay quiet, or talk.

Then Tracey keeps wanting to be on the phone with me, throughout our visit.  I start thinking that it's a bit nuts. We never talk on the phone when we're in different continents.  We could have. Why are we talking on the phone now, when we could just talk face to face?

5.  Dreamed about Australia related thing. I'm taking some kind of one week seminar class.   It is Australia-related.  We're all in the library.  We've been assigned groups and each group has a list of books they need to read.  I'm in the last-choice type group.  I guess no one else wanted to be with us?    And within the group, I get left with the book that I'm least interested in.   It's about a trapeze artist (I think that came from my mentioning of  a Trapeze class at the Moomba festival).   I joke around with the guy next to me, that I'm getting last choice because I'm American.  He talks back and has an American accent too.  I feel pretty foolish.

6. Saw that Australia is no longer under Tsunami threat.  That's good.  I think they've gone through enough shit already.  Now I can just worry about my family.  

7. Thought about my friend who is moving to Northern California in a few weeks (from Australia).   I'm very glad she's not there yet.  I don't need another person to worry about. 

8. Read article about San Francisco.    It doesn't seem like there's a huge threat. I mean I don't think it's going to be like the Christmas Tsunami or anything.   They just want people to stay away from beaches.   The only reason I'd worry is my dad is the type who would go to the beach so he could take some photos.  Hopefully he'll choose not to be stupid in this case.  

 9. Gave into my desire to take my anger out on a fictional character.  Maybe this Harry Potter thing is therapeutic for me.  There's just so much in the world that bothers me lately. And no it's not just the natural disasters.  It's the way people treat her each other. 

10. Tired of people who act like the world revolves around them.  What the world needs now is more empathy....and less earthquakes.  Seriously.  I think empathy would solve a lot of the world's problems.  Maybe instead of being angry, I'll try to wish more empathy into the world.  

Yeah.  I know.  Then I also need to have empathy for the people I'm angry at.  And honestly...I do.   That's why I usually end up keeping them in my lives instead of turning my back on them.

11. Felt compelled to apologize for my bad mood.  I was actually in a decent mood until I talked to Tim, and he told me about the earthquake.   Then I went online and read an email from my friend.  She had some really insightful comments about Charlie Sheen and Julian Assange.  I'm hoping she'll write a guest post about it sometime.  Anyway, I think her insights got me angry....not at her, but the situation.   Then I saw stuff on Facebook that annoyed me—not surprising; there's almost always something on Facebook to annoy me.

Okay, then I went to the Harry Potter site, and got angry at a pretend person. I know she's fictional, but to me she is so representative of all the REAL evil in the world.

What I'm learning from this Harry Potter thing is that I still have an overactive imagination.  I thought part of that had left me.  Yesterday, I was so excited because Professor Flitwick responded to something I said on Facebook.  I had to keep saying to myself, don't get so excited.  He's not real.  He's not real.   It's just someone PRETENDING to be Flitwick.   

I shouldn't be surprised that I'm like this though.   Once I saw Aladdin at Disney World.  I had gone into a store, and he was there chatting to someone in the shop.  I think maybe he said hello to me.  I was totally flustered.  

Back to the Harry Potter thing.  I was going to just watch and not participate.  But then I decided to play a little bit.   Now, I think maybe I'm getting carried away.  I created this fictional character, just to respond to posts.   I wasn't planning to get into it, or anything.  The next thing I know I have this character's whole history and storyline planned in my head. 

12. Decided to be self-indulgent and share part of my Harry Potter story.  It's kind of Australia related.  My character's ancestor moved to Australia.   He was a squib living in London.  His wizardly family gave him as much love and support as possible, but he still felt inadequate and alienated.    He realized if he left the world of magic, he could feel like less a loser.   So he sailed over to Australia, and joined the world of Muggles.   Eventually, some of the family moved back to London.  They had no idea about the magical world, or their magical ancestry.  Then in the 1980's, one of the great-great-great-great grandchildren ended up being a witch.  When the Ministry of Magic turned evil and went after Muggle-Born witches and wizards, my little pretend family went to hide out in Australia; Port Stephens, to be exact.   

My family has two daughters.   Alexandra is the smart one.   She started reading when she was only three.   There was awkwardness and difficulty because her older sister (Julia) hadn't learned yet.   She was much less gifted and intelligent. Or so they thought.  The parents noticed some weird things about Julia, but didn't think much of it. They figured it was just their imagination. Then when she was ten, they got that notice from Dumbeldore. 

The family is very supportive and loving towards each other.   They completely embrace the magical world, and love being a part of it.  They keep themselves very up to date on magical things.

Sadly, bad things are going to happen to them. It's very tragic.  But I do have a happy ending in my mind, so that's nice. 

I'll shut up now.

Oh yeah.   One more thing.   For some reason, when I was planning out the whole story in my head, I kept thinking of the Waif's song Bridal Train.   Well, I think that's because one of the sad parts of my story involves the Hogwarts Express.   It's the whole train thing.  
13. Decided to give up and post this early because every time I type something, I delete it thinking How can I be talking about trivial things at this time?   I'm tempted to delete what I already wrote, but....I don't know.   I'm going to keep it.  I don't have any good excuses for that, and I won't try to invent any.