Friday, March 25, 2011

Shoes, Elections, Launceston, and Christian Shephard

1. Read my dream from March 25 2010.

Caroline and her kids are over. There's the idea that Ming is the only child who actually plays...interacts with adults when playing with toys. Something happens to his shoes and socks, and they need new ones. They ask if I have any, and I say no. Caroline goes through my backpack and finds pink shoes that belong to Jack. (it's not seen as rude for her to do this at all; and more rude that I had shoes and didn't tell her). I tell her we need the shoes for Hawaii in a few days. Can she bring them back tomorrow. She says yes, but doesn't seem very eager. I'm a little annoyed that she won't want to drive all the way there to just drop off shoes. What if she wants a playdate?  We need to get ready for Hawaii.

I was going to struggle to explain why the dream is significant, but I decided if anyone is interested they can read my old blog posts that explain it.   

This post  talks about our trip to Hawaii.  It happened a week or so after the dream.  We had a shoe incident on the trip, and our Aussie friends helped us.  It also includes a brief history of our shoe incidents in Australia.  If anyone wants to know a more detailed history of our shoe incidents in Australia, there's this post, titled Day which mothers try to buy their kids new shoes.  

Basically, our relationship to Australia involves shoe synchronocity. You might argue that some of this is Hawaii-related.  HOWEVER,  the main reason we went to Hawaii was so we could meet up with our Australian friends that we love so much.    

2. Found an Australia-related dream from October 2005.  This was close to two years before I became super-obsessed.  I'm not going to describe the whole dream.   I'll just say it involved Julian McMahon and Melbourne.   That same night I dreamed of an owl that turned into a creepy red-headed child. I fought the child with milk, and then old rotten butter milk.  Fun.

3.  Found another shoe dream.  This one is from October 2005.   Something about kid's shoes. Maybe Jack wanting me to find his shoes. (That's all I wrote)   I don't know if I can include that with the shoe-Australia synchronocity.  Maybe.  It could be connected in the fact that I read the dream the same day I read the March 25 2010 shoes dream.

4. Read article about tomorrow's elections in New South Wales.   It doesn't look like the Labor party is  going to do very well.  I can't say I care too much.  These days the Labor Party really doesn't seem all that different from the Liberal Party.

5. Read that Launceston is on flood watch, and police are knocking on doors, asking people to evacuate.  I almost wrote evaporate instead of evacuate.  But we want the WATER to evaporate, not the people.

My friend is in Launceston.  I hope she's not affected by this. And I hope all the people who ARE affected by this, end up being okay.

6. Saw that it is Epilepsy Awareness month in Australia.  It's here as well.  I just got an email from my sister asking for a donation.   If anyone wants to donate in honor of my sister, here's her donation site page.  She became epileptic after getting hit by a drunk driver in 1990.  

7.  Talked to Jack about our 2012 Australia trip.  I said we could go to animal parks, and he was less enthusiastic than I expected.  He thought I was talking about national park type places, which I like; but he does not.  He said he's fine with animal parks like Featherdale, but doesn't like the type of place we went to in Canberra because it was full of flies, ants, and heat.

He asked if we planned to go to The Blue Mountains. I said maybe, but we were just planning to go to the cute little town with the candy store (Leura).  He said he wants to go back on the steep train.   Yikes.  We'll see about that.  

8. Decided to play my Hobart vs. Adelaide Flickr game. This is where I pick a random Hobart and Adelaide game, and then decide which photo I prefer.  

When I searched for Adelaide, I got this photo.   But I don't know if it really is from Adelaide.  The photo's tags include Adelaide, plus Sydney and Melbourne.  It's of The Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

I just looked at their website.   It's in Melbourne, not Adelaide.  

The Hobart photo definitely wins.   It's a vegan chocolate dessert, and it looks beautiful.    It's good that Hobart won, because Adelaide might have cheated a bit.    This morning, I went to add a point to Adelaide, and I soon noticed that it is about twenty points ahead of Hobart.   The last I remember it was about ten points ahead of Hobart.   I don't know what happened.   Maybe it's been that far ahead, and I miscounted?   Maybe I mistyped something along the way?   I didn't know what the real score should be, so I just kept it as is.   I figured maybe it's supposed to be that way. It could be fate.

9.  Continued to read Patrick White's Riders on the Chariot.  I kind of lost interest when I got to the part about the Jewish guy.   I hope that doesn't mean I'm anti-semitic.   I usually love reading about Jews. It was one of my favorite topics back in my college days.   It might just be that I'm distracted today.  I keep having to read the same pages over and over again.  

Anyway, for some reason I was more interested in the other character; Mary Hare.  I'm sure the book will get back to her; and maybe I just need to give more concentration and attention to the Jewish guy (Mordecai Himmelfarb).   He's sort of interesting.  He'd probably be very interesting if I gave him the proper amount of attention.

10. Read an update on Launceston.  It looks like there might be reassuring news.    The threat seems to have been reduced.   I'll keep my fingers crossed...not literally, because then I can't type.   Seriously though. Hopefully things will be okay over there.

11. Saw on Facebook that the NSW election is today.   I get so confused about the time differences.   Right now, it's Saturday in Australia.   Here, it's still Friday.

12. Saw a photo of John Alexander, the MP for Bennelong.   He reminded me of someone, and I couldn't figure out who that was.  Then I realized it was Christian Shephard from Lost!

Wasn't John Howard the MP for Bennelong?  I think he was. I'll go check.  

Yep.  I'm right.   Lord Wiki says he had that role from 1974-2007.   That's a long time.  Then Maxine McKew had it from 2007-2010.  

13. Looked at Christian Shephard's website....I mean John Alexander's.  He REALLY looks like Shephard!  

14. Read fantastic story about man in Melbourne who was very close to dying of cancer.   Then he took some new experimental drug, and he's alive.   He's feeling much better.   Right now there's not definite proof that he's cured.  He could get sick again.  But hopefully he won't.  

I hate cancer.  It's nice when patients, scientists, doctors nurses, etc. kick its butt.