Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dreams, Books, Eugene Goossens, and Jamie Parker

1. Dreamed about Rosaleen Norton.  I have a magical picture of her.  It's 3D.  I look at it my room, and there's idea that I can use it to make things happen.  I make the air in the room move so there's wind.  I think it's cool, but there's a part of me that's scared.   Then there's something about something outside the windows. It scares me.  I feel that if I close the curtains completely, I'll be safe.

I'm pretty sure the 3D photo thing comes from Jack's new 3Ds.  Tim and I watched part of a 3D movie on it yesterday.

2. Dreamed about my Australian friend Belinda.  I go to her house. There's this idea that she has welcomed me to look at what I want and take what I want from her room; Mi Casa as su casa kind of thing.  I look at some books on a bookshelf.   Maybe there's some Harry Potter stuff?   I then realize that I'm not in Belinda's room.  I'm in her housemate Becca's room.  I feel ashamed, because Becca never told me I could go in her room and freely look at stuff.  I feel like a total intruder.  I decide to confess what I've done.  I'm hoping she'll say no worries, but she does seem a bit disturbed by the whole thing.  She's not angry or mean about it, just concerned.   She seems worried that I've taken a book away.  I assure her I took nothing.  Then she gets out her childhood Dr. Seuss's My Book About Me 

The three of us sit around as Becca reads the first couple of pages. Then she wants me to read the book, but it's as if she expects the next page to be about me. I try to explain that it won't work like that.  The book is about her.  

3. Read an article about Bob Brown scolding the New South Wales Green Party about the Israel boycott.  The disappointing thing is I get the sense that he's scolding them for doing something that made them lose the election; but he's not speaking out against their anti-Israel stance. That's fair.   He might not be against the Israel boycott.  I wouldn't want him to pretend he's against it.    But I wish that he WAS against it. I get the feeling that most of the Green Party leans towards being Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Israel.  I could be wrong.  I hope I am.

4. Read Nevill Drury's article about Rosaleen Norton.  He says she lived at 179 Broughham Street.   I found it on Google Maps.  These days there's a Hostel around there called Asylum Sydney.    That's an interesting name.  

Norton had connections to an orchestra conductor named Eugene Goossens.  He came to Australia in 1947. I'm not sure from where.  Maybe the UK, because further down it talks about him being knighted.  Anyway, he came over to become conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.   A few years later, he came across Rosaleen Norton's book. This rekindled his interest in occult matters, and he reached out to her. They became friends, and he joined her coven-group thing. There was sex involved—erotic ritual type sex.

In 1955, he got the knighthood thing.  He became one of those Sir people.  Soon after, he was caught in the airport with erotic photographs and ritual-type items. Yikes. I can't imagine that would be good in the 1950's.  Yeah.  Right now I'm picturing those people in the movie Pleasantville.  

5. Consulted Lord Wiki about Eugene Goossens.  There was a novel written about his story; Pagan by  Inez Baranay.   I'll have to look out for it.

6. Found a clip from a documentary about Goossens called The Fall of the House.  

It's a dramatized type of thing. They show Goossens being caught at the airport.

They talk about how Mrs. Goossens was very respected by society.  

Basically, it's a story of a successful man with a conservative marriage who felt stifled by all that.   So he sought out something different.

It's  like a occult romance type thing.

7. Went to an antique mall.  I saw a old children's book about a Koala...Koala bear, actually.   It looked slightly cute, but I didn't buy it.

8. Saw that the Greens had at least one victory in New South Wales.  A Green guy named Jamie Parker got the Balmain seat.   

Lord Wikis says that Parker got some of his higher education in Thailand.  That's pretty cool.

9. Joined Jamie Parker's Facebook page.  

10. Looked at Jamie Parker's website.  

He wants to invest more in public transportation.  I like that.

He has a degree in Economics, and a Masters Degree in Political Economics. That might be interesting to those who think the Green Party completely dismisses economic issues.

As far as I can tell, I have nothing in common with this guy when it comes to film, book, TV, music, etc.  That's okay.

11. Read my old post about Pat Zalewski, because someone sent me a Facebook message about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  They said I should learn about it, and I had a feeling I've ALREADY learned about it. Of course I forgot what I learned.  What else is new? 

I actually thought it was going to be in the Neville Drury post, but it wasn't.