Friday, September 23, 2011

Excitement, Public Pools, Lillian, and Bookstores

1. Listened to more of my Gleeful CD.  There's a song from The Panics on it called "Get Us Home".  The instrumental part kind of reminds me of an Evita song.

2. Read more of Gordon Aalborg's Dining With The Devils.   

I don't love it.

But there's a cannibalistic serial killer in the story, so I do like least a little.

What can I say?

Cannibalism is interesting to me.

3. Canceled my pretend Australia trip.

I shall move that to 2013.

4. Played on Google Calendar and Google Maps.  I really love those guys.

Don't tell Lord Wiki. He might get jealous.

5. Felt so happy and excited, I can't think straight.

I also feel anxious and guilty, but that goes with the program.

So....yeah.  Now it looks like we're going to Australia in 2012.

We were going to wait until November to decide, but when it comes to traveling we can be a bit spontaneous sometimes.

You know those questions, are you a planner, or are you spontaneous?

I'm both.

I make quick crazy decisions.  I think Tim does too.

I love making plans, but I don't often use the plans I make. I just like making the plans.

6. Hoped that the dollar stays low and maybe gets even lower. Then when we leave Australia, I hope it goes REALLY high.  Then all of my favorite Australian people can plan really cheap American holidays, and they can come visit me.  

7. Thought to myself that I shouldn't get all excited because...well, what if we have to cancel?   Why set myself up for disappointment.

Then I decided it's probably better to let myself get super excited and then deal with the disappointment if it happens.

Life is full of ups and downs. Why let the shadow of the downs interfere with the ups?

It's better to let the glow of the ups interfere with the downs.

If we don't go to Australia in 2012; at least I had fun IMAGINING we were going to go. I had a great time playing around with the calendar and monkeying around with Google Maps.  

8.  Had an idea.

I've mapped out where we're going to go and when....if we go.

Tim says we're going to go.  I guess I'll believe him.

Anyway, I decided I'm going to avoid doing any more tourism research.   I'm going to avoid reading about what attractions are in each place.  And I'm going to avoid looking at photographs of the places we want to go.  When I do too much of that, I end up getting tired of the places before we even get there.

A few months ago, before I thought we'd have to cancel, I did a bunch of tourism research.   A lot of that stuff is still in my head.  So it's not like I'm going into it blindly. Then when we get there, we'll decide what we want to do.

The thing is I LOVE creating day by day itineraries, but then I hate following them.   

9. Shocked and appalled by what I learned in Andrew's post.  A wealthy Australian guy has built a pool on government property.

I looked at this article which has a photo of the property lines. The pool is not within it. Did he forget where his property ended?  Was he hoping no one noticed that he went over property lines?

I like what Andrew says.

Solly Lew is having a pool party for the general public. All are welcome. Maybe I will revise my opinion on philanthropy by the rich, US style. Solly has built the public a swimming pool, an infinity pool no less. While it looks like it might be attached to his home, he has built it on Crown ground, so it is clearly for the use of the public.

Yes.  It should definitely be open to the public.

That might be awkward though, since it's very close to the Solomon's house.

Maybe it shouldn't be a free for all, like the beach.   Maybe the government can own the pool and use it for charity events.

My other idea is that the Solomon's keep their pool, but have to pay monthly funds to a conservation charity. It's kind of like they'd have to pay to go to their own pool. But it's really NOT their pool, so I think that's fair.

They could also fill in the pool and replant the trees.  

10.  Looked at Kevin Rudd's Twitter Page.  Then I followed his link to his UN speech.  

He talks about the economy. It's sinking fast.

Some of the facts here are fascinating.   Rudd saysIn the year 2000, China was a mere 3.7 per cent of global GDP. India was less than half that.  Within the next five years, those two countries alone will account for 15 per cent of the global economy.  By 2030, they will account for more than 20 percent.

It's amazing how things can change, grow, and develop.

This is probably a silly and superficial comparison; but it reminds me of celebrities.   Right now there is a struggling artist, trying to make enough money to feed himself.  Then in five years from now, he may be one of the most famous people in the world—an international superstar.

I was thinking the other day about JK Rowling. In 1996, no one knew her name, except for family, friends, and acquaintances.  Now we all know her.

11. Decided I should return to the more mature topic of global politics. My friend has been fretting about the fact that America may stop being a super power.  She talks about the fall of the Roman Empire, and the fact that the British Empire is no longer the center of the world.  She reminds me that this could happen to America too, and she says it's already happening.   She's scared, and I think she wants me to be scared along with her.  

Honestly, I don't care.

I don't want to live in a third-world country. I hope we don't become one of those countries that dominate the sponsor-a-child charities.   But I will love it if we become less...I don't know.  Watched?  Talked about?  Blamed?   Hated?  I want us to be quiet and unnoticed.   I don't want people to be overly aware of what's going around here. I want people to say, I have no idea who's the president of The United States; just like I say, I have no idea who's the leader of Sweden.  

12. Skipped ahead to the part in Rudd's speech about Israel. I need to get ready to go soon. 

Rudd doesn't side with Israel or Palestine. He wants peace for all.

That's what I want too.

13. Read article that says the falling satellite is due to fall this morning (Australia time). That's now, I think.   It's 4:25 here. That means it's 7:25 in Australia—well, at least in the eastern part.

Hopefully, it won't hurt or kill anyone.

14. Went to Tallygarunga.

Today I'm going to read an Améa and Zane story thread called The Things We Thought We Knew.

It takes place on the highway of the western suburbs of Melbourne, on September 10.

The story thread in which Zane and Améa first get together takes place on August 10.

So, a month has passed.  

15. Reminded myself that Zane is a fictional character and his role-player is probably a very creative and nice person.

Zane gives me the creeps.

I guess that's a good thing.

16. Learned that Améa is staying at a hotel.  She's trying to be away from her mother.  

17. Realized Jezabel is in this story too.

I didn't see that at first.

18. Read that it's been confirmed that Stuart Blair is Améa's father.  I was confused, because I thought we already knew that. I was thinking this is how she's related to Jezabel. But now I'm thinking maybe it was known that Jezabel and Améa shared the same mother.

Yeah.  Now I'm remembering.

Adele is the mother is Jezabel and Améa.  I guess they thought they had different fathers.

So now they're full siblings; and now Améa knows Tamara is her half-sibling. She also has the other Blair kids as her siblings—Stewie jr, Tim, and, someone else. Was it Tom?

19. Wondered, Who is Lillian?   They keep mentioning a Lillian.   Am I supposed to know about her?

20. Got idea that Lillian might be the grandmother—Adele's mother.

21. Felt lost when reading that story thread.  I think I've missed something important.

22. Skimmed around Tallygarunga a little, trying to find the answers. Then I decided not to worry too much about it.  The answers will probably appear here and there. I'll get it eventually. Maybe.

Right now I'm getting that someone named Lillian revealed a lot of things that have caused people confusion and pain.  Well, at least it has caused Améa pain. 

23. Tried to re-read Adele's biography— see if it mentions Lillian being her mother. But now I can't find her in the member directory. 

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?

24. Found out that Adele is listed in the M's not the A's. The M is for Ms.

There's as bunch of other Ms. and Mr. people. I wonder why they're listed by their title and not their first name.

25. Learned that Lillian is not Adele's mother.  She was Adele's nurse and tutor. But Adele had a close relationship to her; sort of like a substitute mother. So I guess Lillian would be a sort of unofficial grandmother.

26. Saw that my Australian of the day is David Mackenzie Angus.  

He was a bookseller.

That's very cool to me, since I love books so much.

27. Learned that Angus was born in Scotland. I also see that he died in Scotland.  I guess he returned to his homeland at some point.

When was he in Australia?

28. Learned that Angus left for Sydney in his late twenties because of health issues.

He had a bookstore at 110 Market Street. Here's that on Google Maps.  It's near the north-east section of Hyde Park.

Angus didn't last long in the shop.  Because of his health, he wanted a dryer place. He moved to Mudgee.

I don't think I've heard of that.

29. Saw from Google Maps that Mudgee is about 2 hours north of Bathurst.  

30. Managed to get my brain working.


How did I miss that.

Angus and Robertson!!!!

So....this is the funny thing.   If I'm understanding things right, Angus met George Robertson in Sydney.   They worked at a company called George Robertson and Co together.   BUT.....George Robertson wasn't the owner of the business; and he wasn't even related to the owner of the business.   It was just a coincidence.  

Later Robertson and Angus got together and started the famous bookstore.  

31. Watched Carolinehellyeah play the guitar.

I'm not an expert on these types of things, but she seems to do a good job with it.

32. Realized suddenly that I may have been confusing about the Angus and Robertson thing.   They didn't open the store in Mudgee.  Angus returned to Sydney, and they worked together there.

33. Wanted to talk more about the Australia 2012 thing. This is what happened:

In my mind,  the trip was pretty much canceled. Although I did say, at some point, if the Australian dollar went down to 1.01 in November, we'd go.

I wasn't picturing that happening, but it was nice having a little bit of hope.

Then in the last week I started to see the dollar get lower and lower.   I mentioned to Tim and Jack that Australia might be back on the table.  I mentioned we'll look at how things are in November.   Tim said, no we'll look at things in December or January.

I agreed that was fine.  But then I remembered that in 2007, we bought the tickets three months before the trip.  If we did that for this trip, it would be November.  I wasn't pushy about it.  I just wanted to make sure December-January wouldn't be too late.

The next thing I know Tim is looking into flights and getting really serious about the whole thing.   He said we might not buy the tickets in November or December.  We might go ahead and buy them very soon.

At this point, Tim is saying there's a 95% chance we're going. That gives me enough hope to be very happy and excited.