Friday, September 16, 2011

Gavin, Jessica, Gareth, and Charles Mott

I had something really weird happen to me today. I don't know if I can explain it in a coherent way, but I'm going to try.

It started this morning after I wrote down my dreams. 

Like I always do, after writing down my dreams, I went and read old stuff from my Livejournal archives.  I'm in April 2007 now. 

Today I read stuff from April 14 and April 15. On one of the posts I wrote something about the name Jessica.   It randomly came to my head.  I had been working on rewriting my novel at the time, and there was a Jessica.  I figured maybe that's why I thought of the name.   Then the little inner voice within me said, We're not talking about that Jessica.   

And no. I wasn't literally hearing a voice.  It wasn't a hallucination or ghost...or anything like that.  It was more like one of those intuition things.

Later that day, Jack randomly mentioned the name Jessica. It was in relation to Jessica Lovejoy on The Simpsons. I guess I thought that was weird enough to warrant being written down in my Livejournal.  

The next night the name Gavin randomly popped into my head.

So in these two days, in April 2007, I was haunted by the names Gavin and Jessica. 

I always want to believe these weird things lead to something, so I had googled the names.  I came up with a news story about a woman named Jessica who was in jail for child neglect.  She was let out of jail to attend the funeral of her baby Gavin.  I also found an episode of a TV show version of Logan's Run.  An episode called Night Visitors had characters with those names.  

That's all I could find back then and I gave up.

Fast forward four years and five months.  I read about the Jessica and Gavin thing this morning.  I thought about how I know things now that I didn't know then. I know now that I ended up getting really obsessed with Australia.  I figured maybe Australia was involved somehow.  

This morning I googled Gavin and Jessica again—plus Australia.

I can't say I spent too much time playing detective. I just briefly looked at someone's Goodreads account.  Her name's Jessica Gavin and she lives in Australia. 

I thought about writing about it on my blog, but then decided it wasn't really worth it. I had so much other stuff to do.  

Fast-forward again.....

Tonight, Jack and I were playing our stuffed animal thing.  Jack started this thing where he held auditions for the stuffed animals.  If they had quality acting skills, they could be in a play.

We got through the female protagonist, the male protagonist, and then it was time for the antagonist. 

Guess what his name was.....


I was freaked out and probably overdramatic enough to freak Jack out.

Me: Why did you pick that name?

Jack:  I don't know. Who cares? Let's play.

Me: I care!

Then I told him the story—a very brief version because he doesn't like the stuffed animal program interrupted for too long.

Later I came back to my computer. I vaguely remembered coming across a Gavin while doing blog research; and I thought maybe there had been something weird surrounding the name.  I did a search through my blog for the name and came up with:

A) A post on John Brumby.  I wrote that he's following only two people on Twitter. One of them is Gavin Jennings. 

B) A post on Cheryl Kernot.  I had a vague memory about having a weird experience when writing the post about Cheryl.  I thought it was had something to do with a Gavin.

There's a whole note about a weird thing at the end. But it's NOT Gavin. The story involves Gareth.

Interestingly, though, the post also mentions Gavin.  Cheryl Kernot was married to a Gavin.

The weird thing I wrote about, at the end of the Cheryl Kernot post,  involved another incident with me having a random name popping into my head.  The morning after writing most of the post (but not posting it because I used to do the biography posts days ahead of posting) I had the name Charles Mott randomly pop into my head.  I looked it up in the morning and came up with a Charles Mott who had connections to Gareth Evans.  

Gareth Evans was Cheryl Kernot's lover at some point. I did not remember reading about Charles Mott when doing research about Kernot. In my post I wrote:

My heart skipped a couple of beats because the article mentioned Charles Mott in relation to Gareth Evans. Evans appointed Mott to be Ambassador to Brazil. I was 80% sure that I had NOT seen Mott's name yesterday while doing research. Outside of his romantic connection to Kernot, I didn't really read much about Evans. After doing some more digging on this Charles Mott, I'm now 99.9% sure I didn't read about him. It was hard to find his name. I mean there are a LOT of Charles Mott's out there, but not much about this particular Mott.

If I was writing fiction I'd have a clever ending and explanation for all this.  But this is not fiction and all I have right now is what I've written above. I don't know what happens next in the story.   Maybe it's random weirdness.  Maybe later I'll get more clues.  

Right now it just feels like Lost.  Crazy clues are thrown in my direction and I feel I'll never get a reasonable answer.  


If anyone has any information that would help me in all of this, that would be great.