Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Something, Something, Something, and Something

1. Amused by these lines from Australia: Its History and Present Condition (1843).

It can be no subject of surprise that the various tribes of Australia, living in a wild country, and blessed with no clear adequate ideas of their Maker, should be exceedingly superstitious, as well as ignorant and simple.   

Why is it not ignorant, simple, and superstitious to believe we were all created by a supernatural "Maker"?

Personally, I don't think any of it is simple and ignorant.  I have nothing against beliefs in the supernatural. I have them myself.  I just don't see how people can belittle some supernatural beliefs while having no doubts about their own. 

2. Impressed by the conclusion of the Evil Genius trilogy.

I won't say much, although I want to.  

3. Excited!  I finished looking for Australian books on Powells.  Now I'm looking for zombie books.


I found an Australian zombie series!! The author is a guy named James Harden. Here's his blog.

Well, I think it's really just his promotional website, and he used Blogger to build it.

Anyway, the book's not at Powells. I'm going to download it from Amazon.

I'm so excited.  Did I mention that?

4. Planned to order another Australia zombie book.   It's been in my Powells shopping cart, along with a lot of other stuff. 

It's a handbook thing and not a novel.

It's not used and it's not cheap.

But how could I resist it?  

5. Noticed while providing the link that it's much cheaper for me to buy that book via Kindle too.   And it's better for the trees. I'll take that off my Powells list.

That's good because I want money left on my Powells account.   I ordered some first books of series.  I figured I'd read one; then order more if I like it.   Also, if I really like an author, it will be nice to have enough credit left to buy more of that author's books later.

6. Watched Modern Family. It was their Christmas episode. And the show did it's job. I was all teary at the end.

Then later I was thinking about the show.

And I got some insight into my blogging issue. The thing is, I'm a Cam.  And it seems most of my readers are like Jay.

No, I'm not saying that I'm gay and my readers are all married to a hot Colombian woman.

What I mean is I'm emotional and I reach out.  I pour my little heart out. I'm demonstrative. 

Most of my readers are very reserved. Or at least they're very reserved when it comes to my blog.   

What should be done when that happens?

Unfortunately, Modern Family didn't really provide a solution. They might...for the series finale.   Hopefully that won't come overly soon.

I guess it's best to just accept that what it is is what it is.

I'll keep being Cam. Most of my readers will keep on acting like Jay.

Sometimes I'll have a reader who acts like Manny, Luke, Phil, or Gloria. And I'll enjoy those moments of warmth

7. Frustrated because my internet is acting crazy. It keeps turning off.

Also when I go to my blog, the YouTube videos automatically start playing.

I'm taking that as a sign that I need to go on another blogging break.

I just went to my online Tarot Card place.  That place rarely provides me with anything that makes sense.   But they have a yes/no reading. I figured that would be straight forward.  Okay, because I'm kind of feeling confused and desperate. I need guidance.

Yeah.  No such luck.

My card said MAYBE.

Maybe?  Maybe!

Thanks a lot for your help, Tarot Cards.

I kept asking the question over and over. I kept getting maybe.

Finally I got a yes.

None of that matters, though.

What matters is that I desperately WANTED the Tarot cards to say yes.

I've been thinking about taking a break, but was going to wait a few weeks.

I really want a break.  I feel conflicted about it, though, because I just took a break.  

But I'm feeling disgruntled...obviously.

I don't like that I'm acting so disgruntled.

Maybe if I take some days off, I'll feel refreshed, and less whiny.

Well, no that's doubtful.

When I get back,  I'll probably still be disgruntled and whiny.

I'll still be a Cam.  Most of you will still be Phil. We'll continue that dance.

And I'll get back to my Flickr stalking, my dead Australians of the day, my weird ramblings, the trivia quizzes, and the wonderful wizards of OZ (...and witches, half-fairies, half-giants, etc.)

In the meantime, I wish all of you happiness, joy, peace, good health, exciting dreams, safety, lots of silly fun moments, and lots of belly laughs.

I love you guys.   I'll miss you guys.

I'll see ya soon.