Friday, April 13, 2012

Bye Bye Bob

Like Dame Edna, Bob Brown is retiring.

I saw yesterday that a lot of people were coming to my Bob Brown post.   I didn't think much of it, figuring it was a trivial thing.  Then later I glanced at the news and saw that the Bob Brown news was far from trivial.

It's not a tragic sad thing.  But it's kind of an end-of-an-era sad thing.  

As for Dame Edna.  Is that really a retirement?  It's kind of more like murder.  Or we could be kind and call it euthanasia.  Maybe it's a bit like an exorcism?

I wonder if she'll still exist in some form, even if away from the public eye. 


FruitCake said...

Let us call the demise of Les Patterson a mercy killing. For all of us. Thankfully, Bazza McKenzie saw the death knell of a dreadful stereotype, but the Dame was able to fill the void and as she grew and evolved, we were able to grow and evolve with her.

Although the Dame talked down to the plebs a little when "performing" she really shone when she spoke on her own behalf about issues worth speaking about.

Dina said...


Les Patterson retired too. My goodness. I think this summer I shall lay in the pool, on a nice raft, and ponder all this loss.

Being held up by a giant thong will likely keep me from being too sad.

I'm not that familiar with Les. I saw a few clips. I think he was in the movie with the spinning restaurant.