Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Modern Family

There was another Australian reference on Modern Family.  Hugh Jackman was mentioned by Mitch and Cam.

Prior to that show, Suburgatory had a kangaroo.

On another recent episode Suburgatory played an Angus and Julia stone song. 

I think America's ABC has an Australia thing going on. 


I'm so feeling like Stephen King right now.  


Gun-bae!!! said...

I agree!!! Modern Family seems to have many references to Australia!!

HappyOrganist said...

Stephen King? You ever read Koontz? I probably asked a long time ago...

Dina said...

Gun-bae!!!: I love all the references.

HappyOrganist: I think you did ask. Maybe? I have vague memories of someone asking.

I did read some of his books. I don't remember much except the one with the Golden Retriever? And I think they later made a movie about it with Corey Haim?

I don't think I saw it though.

Did you read any Stephen King???