Monday, April 30, 2012

Rudd and Hughes

This morning I read a bit about the Prime Minister Billy Hughes.

He was expelled from the Labor Party because he supported conscription.  He thought it was needed to win the war.  The Labor Party didn't like that.

It got me immediately thinking about Kevin Rudd.

Why doesn't he quit the Labor Party and run as an independent?  Or maybe he can start a new party?

Wow...I'm reading further and Hughes actually sounds a bit like Rudd.

The National Archives Prime Minister Site says this about Hughes:

The Governor-General had little confidence in Hughes’ capacity as an administrator, finding him unwilling to delegate or to consult his colleagues. Munro-Ferguson likened Hughes to ‘a jackdaw who pounces on everything and secretes it in his own nest’. Though Hughes had a remarkable memory and the ability to grasp and master subjects quickly, he was often irritable and impatient.

I can't recall if Rudd has been accused of not consulting his colleagues. But I do know there has been talk of it being difficult to work with him.  And there HAVE been incidents where he's shown his impatience.  


FruitCake said...

Reports suggest Rudd also had trouble delegating. And, like Hughes, he seems happy to keep climbing back into the ring for another hiding.

Unlike Hughes, Rudd is unlikely to go home to Wales when he has had enough.

Interesting parallels!

Dina said...


Yeah. Interesting parallels.

Maybe Rudd was Hughes in a past life.

Or maybe Hughes is a vampire and is still alive. Then he got plastic surgery and became Rudd. I saw pictures of Rudd as a teen, but those could have been fakes.

Then again....I could put aside my conspiracy theories and just say many people in power probably have the same personality types.