Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Billie Proudman and Volcano Ash

Billie Proudman is stuck in New Zealand because of volcano ash.

After beginning to watch episode eight of Offspring, I started to wonder about that. 

If I was smarter, I would have probably started asking questions earlier. But I just took it as a plot thing.

I realized finally that it's likely the actress (Kat Stewart) is busy with other things. We're seeing short glimpses of her on Skype or just hearing her voice on the mobile phone.

I went to check IMDb, and saw Stewart is going to be starring in another TV show in 2013; Mr. and Mrs. Murder.


.IMDb says the show has been announced.   Does that mean it's not being filmed yet?

Okay.  I just found this article.   It says they're not filming until September.   

So what is Kat Stewart doing now?

Why is Billie still stuck in New Zealand?

Maybe it IS just a plot thing?

(Spoiler warning)......

I'm guessing it's so Mick and the singing lady can have some romance and cause excessive turmoil.

I'm not happy with that storyline.  Or at least I'm not happy with where it might go.   I'll be happy if singing lady puts the move on Mick, and he rejects her advances. That would be lovely. 

And what about Patrick?  What's up with that?   The break up was so sudden and out of the blue.  It makes me wonder if Matthew Le Nevez abruptly decided to exit the show. 

Is he exiting?

Or is it just another plot thing?

I picture Nina getting together with Adam; then Patrick returning towards the end of the season. 

I hope they don't do that, because it would be a repeat of the season two ending....with Patrick and Chris.

How many times is Nina going to have to choose between two men?  

It would be funny if the end has Nina having to choose between Patrick, Adam, and Chris—all three of them.  

 Hopefully Billie would be there for support, and not still stuck in New Zealand.