Friday, June 15, 2012


My new thing now is watching old 7:30 Report segments on YouTube.

I just watched a bit of one about RSL and gambling. 

I guess it's not too old.   Maybe a year or so ago?  I remember mentioning the issue in recent months.

The anti-gambling people, led by Andrew Wilkie, wanted special machines installed, which they hoped would prevent people from gambling their whole lives away.

The RSL (Returned Service League) joined the poker industry to fight Wilkie and his gang.  Their argument is that their clubs offer services to the community, and without enough poker money, they won't be able to provide such wonderful services.

I guess in the end it's a question of what's more of a threat—RSL clubs losing revenue with the poker machine reforms, or family's going bankrupt because a family member has a gambling problem.

My guess is the latter would be a more imminent threat.  I could be wrong. Maybe.

I was thinking, though, about the RSL so strongly supporting gambling. Then I realized that it makes sense. Joining the military itself is a huge gamble.

Young people join and they don't know what the results will be.

They could come back heroes.  They could even get a Victoria Cross medal. Their picture might be displayed in museums.

They might return to their families stronger and braver than before.   

They might march in parades for decades to come.


They might lose an arm or a leg.

They might lose their life.

They might lose their sanity.

They might be part of a team that does great things...saves the world.

They might be be part of a team that causes great harm.   

You never know.....

I'm not against the military.

I'm not against gambling.

But I'm smart enough to know that sometimes both of those things can bring great devastation.