Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Not Nina Proudman's Fortune Teller

Lesson Learned (maybe). Do not put spoiler alerts in your post unless you know what's going to happen in the FUTURE of a TV show.

I have so many people coming to my blog using keywords related to Offspring spoilers. 

I feel bad because I don't know anything.

Or maybe I shouldn't worry about why people come to my blog.

Is it good etiquette to have a spoiler alert for current episodes?   Or should I assume that people will assume that if I write about a TV show, I'm going to reveal what's happened so far?

I'm trying to think of what I see when I read about TV shows.

I'm pretty sure people have spoiler alerts, at least when talking about very current episodes.

So maybe I didn't make a mistake?

I still feel bad, though.

I feel like a tease.  An accidental one.    But still......

Anyway, while I'm the subject, I'll talk about the most recent episode.

I didn't cry at the ending.  It's strange because I cry extremely easily with TV shows.   I don't sob usually.  That's saved for Charlie and Claire reunions.  But I do often get all choked up.

I didn't have any bit of tears with Offspring's recent ending, though, and it was definitely a tear-jerker scene. 

Have I become cold-hearted?  Temporarily cold-hearted?

I liked the milk-expressing-success scene, although I felt a little bad that laughing at Nina's expense is what got Zara to relax enough. 

I think Adam is annoying.   He should give Nina some space.  She's obviously just been through a difficult break-up.  Why is he so willing to be the rebound relationship?

Patrick is hot and cold like the Katy Perry song.  

What's going on in that guy's head?

It seems to me that he dumped Nina, not because he wanted her out of his life, but because he wanted her to chase after him.   

I felt sad for Billy.  I did like Adam in the scene where he talked to her.   He listened to her and gave a realistic and honest response.  Yes, you might be right.  There MIGHT be something going on between Mick and singer girl.  I think that's better than giving false positive assurances.  Oh, no.  Of course everything is fine.  Of course he loves you.   Have faith in him.  

I don't like the singer girl, and I'm not liking that Mick likes the singer girl. 

I thought it was a bit strange for Cherie to need her two kids to be full siblings rather than half ones.   It would make sense if she was in a relationship with Ray's father.   But otherwise.....

I don't know.

Maybe it was just a way for her reject Clegg in a less hurtful way.  I can understand why she wouldn't want him as the father.  Her kid would be the half-sibling of Kim's kid. That would be a bit strange.

Then again...Ray's is now somehow related to Zara's kid.

What is he?

Let me think.

Ray is Darcy's son.  Jimmy is Darcy's son.

So that makes Rae the uncle of Alfie.

Yep.  Cherie's kid is related to Zara's kid.  Why NOT have Cherie's next kid related to Kim's kid?

Soap operas are fun.