Monday, June 4, 2012

In the Family

With a tiny bit of embarrassment I will admit to being touched by this Julia Gillard led ceremony honoring the Queen.  

I used to support the idea of having an Australia Republic—breaking the ties with Momma England.   Then we went to London and I wanted to cry through the streets.  Take us back!  Take us back!

Of course that's just on an emotional tourist level.

But on a more intellectual level.....

I used to think making Australia a republic would be doing right by the Aboriginal Australians.   It would be another way of saying sorry. We're not proud of what our ancestors did when they came to this country. We're so not proud that we're going to break ties and start anew.  

But America broke official ties a long time ago.  As far as I know, Native Americans are marginalized as much as the Australian Aborigines.  And other non-white American groups have it rough as well.

Breaking ties with the UK won't fix the past, and I don't imagine it would do anything to help the present or the future.  

It's probably too late for American to come back into the family. We'll just be friends, I suppose.

But if I had a vote, I'd vote for Australia to stay in the fold.

I guess I'd be in the monarchist club then. Maybe.

The excessive celebration of the queen is a bit much.  Why give so much attention to a little old lady?  

But is it any more nuts than worshiping a deity that may or may not exist?  Or what about the worship of rock stars and movie stars? 

Many folks have their idols, and it's probably just part of the human experience.  

Anyway, Happy Birthday to the queen. 

Is that what we're celebrating?  Or is it her years as queen?

Let me go check......

Okay.   I found the website about it.  It's the celebration of her years as queen. Six decades.  

Lord Wiki says her rein began on February 6 1952.  She had her coronation on June 2, 1953.  So sixty years from that would be 2013.    

I guess it's the whole year that's celebrated?  

Or is the celebration about 1952?

Has it been going on since February?

I feel like it started just this week. That's when I started seeing it in the news. 

Okay. Yes.  I'm right. The Diamond Jubilee website says June 2-5 was the central weekend. 

Did they pick that weekend because that's when she had her coronation? Or is it a coincidence?

I'm guessing it wasn't a coincidence.    

It's also not just the one weekend. There's going to be other celebrations through out the year.   And the Diamond Jubilee DID begin on February 6 with something called Accession Day. Lord Wiki says that's the term used for the anniversary of the day someone new took over the throne.