Saturday, June 16, 2012

Noah Hathaway

This morning I was stalking Sydney on Flickr.

I found this photo of Noah Hathaway.   He's at a big fan expo at Sydney Olympic Park: Supernova 2012. 

This Supernova thing started on Friday, and today's the last day.

Underneath the photo is a long write up about the event. It sounds fun.  Strangely I can't find anything about Noah Hathaway.  I read kind of fast.  Maybe I missed it?

I went to the Supernova website.  I couldn't easily find Noah Hathaway there either.  

I'm thinking he's one of those forgotten celebrities, like Warwick Davis' character on Life's Too Short

It makes no sense, though.   How can people overlook Noah Hathaway?! I understand the general population. But science fiction and fantasy fans?

Maybe these fans are in a different generation and never saw The Neverending Story.

Maybe the movie was less popular with Australians than it was with Americans?

I'm looking at Hathaway's IMDb page.   He was in 22 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.  If the Supernova attendees don't have appreciation for The Neverending Story, maybe they'd at least know him from BG.  

Another movie Hathaway starred in was Troll.  As a child I had interest in that movie because Elizabeth from V was in it.
What's funny is IMDb says Hathaway's character in Troll was named Harry Potter.  


I'm finding all kinds of interesting stuff here.

There was a Troll remake this year. I had no idea.  

That movie has Harry Potter too.

Noah Hathaway's show business career stopped in least according to IMDB.

But now it seems to be picking up again.

He has four upcoming projects.

That's cool.

I like hearing of child stars having successful comebacks.