Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bloody Assumptions

On one episode of Q and A that I watched, Kate Miller-Heidke was one of the guests. She's a singer.

She didn't come across as being very intelligent on the show. She seemed to be a bit of an airhead.

I imagined that if I was in a situation like that, I'd probably come across the same way.

I know about some political stuff, but I know a lot less than some people.  And sometimes I'm not the most eloquent speaker. I get confused. I get tongue-tied. I lose my train of thought.  

My feeling, though, is that although Kate Miller-Heidke came cross as an airhead, she's probably smarter than she seemed. And I think the same goes for me.

So this is what happened this weekend.

Tim and I watch True Blood together.

I'm not happy with it this season. Why?  I think it's over the top.  For me, the season jumped the shark when they put the stake-your-heart outfits on Bill and Eric. Then Jason Stackhouse's sexual regret storyline is a bit too afterschool special for me.

Oh, and I'm also bored by the Pam flashbacks.

Anyway, I asked Tim if he could please watch the show on his own.  I said I'd read the spoilers, and if they started looking promising, I'd get back to watching it. Side note here: The same thing happened last year. I was bored by the beginning of the season, but I became interested in the later episodes.

Tim said he understood me not liking the show. It's getting too political.

That annoyed me.

Why would he assume the politics of the show is what's repelling me? Why would he assume anything...period?

I'm pretty sure I responded by telling him I didn't like the show because it was too over-the-top. But maybe I just said that in my head.  I do say most things to my own head these days...rather than to other people. So maybe I didn't tell him.

I think I did, though.

Anyway, today he said to me that he watched True Blood, and again he mentioned it being too political for me.

If you take Tim's knowledge of American politics and compare me to him, YES, I am a major airhead. I don't know the names of all the players. Sometimes I'm not fully clear on very detail of what's going on in American current events.

But since when I am the type of person who's bored by politics?

First of all. He sees me watching Q and A every day. If he's not completely oblivious, in the glimpses he sees, he'd know it was a political show.

If he's paid attention, he'd know many of my blog posts are about politics and not just about the hotness of certain members of the Liberal Party.   

I'm pretty sure I've told him that the politics in Harry Potter is one of the things I liked best about the series.  

We used to watch The Colbert Show together at dinner. That's political.  The reason we stopped watching is we've all become addicted to The Big Bang Theory. In that show, the female main star is much less intelligent than the male ones. So maybe Tim is confusing me with her.

Maybe I've taken on the role of Penny in the family.

I don't know....

Between my dad and Tim (the two men most prominent in my life), they both give a lot in terms of cooking, favors, material gifts, etc. But they don't give me much in terms of helping me to feel intelligent and respected.

When I'm around them, I feel like a five-year-old little girl.

No offense to young children, of course.