Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Nominees For Most Racist Country Are.....

On the June 18 episode of Q and A, one of the panelists was an American-Australian astrophysicist— Brian Schmidt.  

The subject came around to racism.

Tony Jones asked Schmidt if he thought Australia was more racist than America.

Schmidt said yes.  Or at least Australia is more tolerant of racism.

I'm not going to argue against his personal experience. We all have our own lives and observations.   If I saw what he saw, maybe I'd agree.

For now though.  I'm going to write from my own experiences.

From this, I feel, past and present, that Australia and America are equally racist.

Things have gotten better in both countries; but they're still not great.  

Not only are Australians and Americans equally guilty of racism; but we both also are equally guilty of accusing the other of being more racist.

I've witnessed Americans accusing Australia of being more racist. The astrophysicist wasn't the first.   And I've seen Australians stating or inferring that America is more racist.  

We may not have the same accent. 

We may pronounce schedule in totally different ways.

But we're pretty much the same when it comes to racism. 

Hopefully both countries will improve for the future.

Hopefully ALL countries will improve.

Are there countries less racist than America and Australia?  

If there are, I don't imagine they're MUCH less racist.