Sunday, August 26, 2012

Anthony Hopkins

The other day, I saw the end of an Anthony Hopkins movie. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.

Wow. I just saw, on IMDb, that it's a Woody Allen movie. I had no idea.


I was watching Hopkins, and he suddenly reminded me of someone.

I felt it was someone Australian and someone I had seen recently.

Then I realized it was Kevin Rudd I was thinking about. 

I'm not sure if Anthony Hopkins, in general, reminds me of Kevin Rudd, or just in that movie he does.

It's not like I saw Kevin Rudd for the first time and thought, Wow, he reminds me of Hannibal Lector.

I think I've seen Hopkins in bits of movies since Rudd came into my consciousness, and I never noticed a resemblance before.

I'm not sure why I'm seeing a resemblance now. 

Maybe it's the head shape?

I think it's also the voice, perhaps. They don't have the same accent, but there's a sort of gentleness to their tone.

I can't describe it. Sorry.

As for the movie.

There was an Australian in it.  Naomi Watts.

She's in this great ironic scene about psychic fraud.

I was going to avoid talking about it, because it would be a spoiler for anyone who wants to see the movie.   But I want to talk about it.   So I'll just leave a spoiler space........

Okay.   So....

Naomi Watts wants to borrow a huge sum of money from her mother.  Her mother is very attached to her psychic.  I'm not sure if the psychic was presented as being real or a fraud.  I didn't see those parts.  But I don't think it least for the scene I liked.

Naomi Watts is kissing up to her mother—pretending that she cares about her, and that she supports the whole psychic thing. Then she tells her mother she needs more money than she originally thought.

Her mother than tells her she can't let her borrow money now. The psychic said it's not a good time for her to part with her money.

Naomi Watts totally flips out and is very bitchy to her mother.  She suddenly calls the psychic a fraud and is very unsupportive.  She tries to bully her mother into giving her the money.  There's a line where Watts says the psychic is a fraud who just says what her mother wants to hear. And, of course, that's exactly what Naomi Watts has been doing all this time. Or her character, really. I shouldn't be harsh on poor Watts.  

I thought it was brilliant that Watts was actually proving the psychic right. Whether the psychic was simply guessing or giving real advice, she got it absolutely correct.  Don't part with money if the person taking it off your hands is dishonest and manipulative.  

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