Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Bang Theory

We just finished watching the season finale of The Big Bang Theory.

We've been watching that show almost every night this summer, so I'm very sad to let it go. We have to wait a month for the new season. I might have major withdrawal symptoms.  

Anyway, I consulted Lord Wiki about what I just saw.  I wanted to see if he had anything to say about the last episode, which was REALLY beautiful, by the way.

I saw that he had the ratings information for Australia.

According to Lord Wiki the last episode shown in Australia was on April 24 and it was "The Hawking Excitation". That's not the season finale.  

Did Lord Wiki make the mistake?

Or has Australia not shown the last episodes yet?

If they haven't, why?

What are they waiting for?

And when will Australians get to see it? 

I could kind of understand splitting the season and having a hiatus in the middle.   But it seems strange to end towards the end, but not get to the end.


I'm looking now at Lord Wiki's list of season 4 ratings.   There's only 8 of the 24 episodes listed for Australia.   So maybe Australians do see the whole season without a weird break, and Lord Wiki is listing only episodes in which he has the rating information.