Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dr. Doom Synchronicity

Everyday I read an old blog post.

Everyday I read some old entries from my dream journal.

I found this dream from September 20, 2010.

I'm shopping with Jack and another adult. Maybe Tim? Maybe my mom. We go to store where there's kid pajamas. There's a cardboard cutout of Julian McMahon modeling Dr. Doom underpants or pajamas. I think about getting large kid pajamas that might fit me. Jack's more interested in looking at girl pajamas to get for his cousins than pajamas for himself.

Did I mean I wanted Dr. Doom pajamas. Or did I just want kid pajamas in general?

I'm not sure.


After looking at my dreams, I did my morning visit to Statcounter.

I found that at 4:30 am someone from the United Kingdom found my blog with the keyword "Dr. Doom Pajamas".

Oh...and now I see I'm being repetitive.  

The post they found, with the keyword, has the same dream written down.

It makes sense, now that I think of it.

I can't imagine another scenario in which I'd mention Dr. Doom pajamas on my blog.  

It's just weird that I read that particular dream; then went to Statcounter and saw that someone else had went to the same dream.

They probably didn't want to see my dream.

They were probably looking for Dr. Doom pajamas.

Are there Dr. Doom pajamas? 

Well, I'm seeing Dr. Doom t-shirts but no Dr. Doom pajamas.  

That's okay, though.

People can wear t-shirts as pajamas.

That's what I do.  

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