Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Met a Man

I was informed that I'd soon be meeting a man who's lived in Australia.

It seems I was expected to be excited.

But if people knew me well, they'd know I'd be jealous.

That's how I am when it comes to Australia.

I met the man and acted like a civil person who's not jealous.

I asked him questions about his time in Australia.  He answered the questions. He impressed me by being knowledgeable about Australia's economy. 

Then he asked me why I was interested in Australia.  He asked me about our trips to Australia. He asked me about my blog.

I started to relax with him.

I started to feel less jealous.

We had some great discussions about Australia.

We talked about our favorite characters on Q and A.  

It was so nice to talk to someone who's like me and loves Australia. It was nice to talk to someone who likes to listen as well as they like talking about themselves.

I had a great time. There was MAJOR Australia-love bonding.


I'm joking. It's a lie.

This whole post is a fantasy...well, starting with the part where he asked me why I'm interested in Australia.

In reality, the man acted like a celebrity being interviewed for a magazine. I acted like the interviewer.   

I should give the guy credit.  He did ask me if I've eaten kangaroo before. And he acknowledged hearing that we're going to Australia in 2013.

So he's not completely self-absorbed.

Plus, who knows. We still have a few hours left with the guy. I think?   He might be saving his wonderfulness for later. In that case, I won't post this.

For now I'll save this as a draft.

In general, though....

I'm just mighty tired of people who seem happy to answer questions about themselves. They love to talk about their own lives.  But they rarely ask you questions in return. Then if they do rarely ask a question, it's a yes/no type thing.  Or it's one of those rhetorical questions.  Like, How have you been doing?

I have way too many people like this in my life.

And it makes it a hundred times worse if they've gotten the chance to live in Australia.


I'm a jealous bitch.

P.S-I just thought of a cool thing. If he DOES end up being better than I'm thinking, I can still post this post. I'll just change it to a much more positive post.


I have more bitching.

Here we go.

I'm happily impressed when people are inquisitive, observant, and intuitive enough to ask the right questions—the ones that get you talking; the ones that almost force you to open up.

But not everyone is brilliant at that. I can understand.  

At the least, though, people can take the same question you've asked and turn it back to you.

Yesterday I talked to another man.

I asked him what movies he's seen lately.  He answered. Then he said, How about you?

I thought that was very nice.

Because a lot of people don't bother to do that.

At least not in my experience.


FruitCake said...

So have you ever eaten kangaroo? Probably not, because you are vegetarian. Have you tried pavlova yet? Oh darn, that's made of eggs.
What about a vegetarian pie floater?

Dina said...


No, I haven't eaten kangaroo.

I haven't tried pavlova yet. I don't usually eat egg products; but I'm not absolutely militant about it. I am hoping to try Pavlova on my next visit. So I'll probably make an exception for that.

I did eat a vegetarian pie floater.

I vaguely remember you saying you're not a big Pavlova fan. Or do I have that wrong?

Maybe it was other Australian foods you weren't big on....meat pies... Tim Tams....

Kate Sparkles said...

Ah I was once stuck on a flight from LA to NY with a man just like that, I asked him why he was going to NY and that was it, he didn't stop talking about himself.. Worst part was he had actually flown in from Sydney to LA that morning and made me look at all his travel pics whilst telling me how much he hated Australia!! Seriously! Plus I hadn't been home in six months and had just said goodbye to good friends in LA so I was feeling super sad and a bit homesick, last thing I needed was Aussie hate.

But now I realize I'm being one of him and replying to your post by just talking about myself.. So what place are you most excited to see during your next Aussie adventure? And where was the dude from?

Dina said...


That airplane guy was triple rude.

It's rude to talk on and on about yourself.

It's rude to be overly negative.

And it's especially rude to sit there bashing someone else's country.

My guy wasn't as awful, really. I think he was rude/self-absorbed for answering questions and not really asking questions back (besides the kangaroo one). But he didn't blab on and on about himself.

His answers were reasonable in length. I'll give him that.

The thing is I end up dealing with SO many people like your airplane guy...and like my weekend guy.

I don't know if there's something about me that brings this out in people. Or if it's just my luck to continually deal with people like that.

From what I know of you so don't seem that way. But I do love how you asked some questions just to be sure.

The dude is in Dallas now.

It's funny. I think at this point I'm most excited about Melbourne. A few weeks ago, I was least excited about it.

It might change again. Who knows....