Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Music and Lyrics

This song has been running through my brain lately.

I think it's a beautiful song.

I like the chorus lyrics.

Cause Sometimes Every World Has Been Used,
And there's Nothing Left To Do
but hold the one you can't have in the sweet arm of a tune.

Speaking of lyrics. I had a misheard one yesterday.

It's on my iTunes, so I probably should have known the title, which would have given me a clue about what I was hearing in the lyrics.

But months ago, I downloaded a bunch of Aussie music, and didn't really remember what I had gotten.

Here's the song. It's by Jebediah.

I thought they were saying Lang Bang Hoe in the chorus. I thought it was some kind of nonsense lyrics. Or maybe not nonsense, but a language other than English.

Then I bothered to look at the title on my iTunes screen. It's Leaving Home.

Oh!  Okay.

I often don't pay attention to lyrics. I just like how a song sounds and don't usually pay attention to it's meaning.

This weekend my brother-in-law showed me how two currently popular songs have very sexual lyrics.

I had no idea.

There's one song that's totally about oral sex.

I usually

A) pay no attention to the lyrics
B) mishear the lyrics
C) hear the lyrics, but misunderstand them.

Example is the Missy Higgins song above.   I misheard or misunderstood them.  Well, actually I also misread them, because I checked out the lyrics page.  

I took it to mean that sometimes there are no words to comfort someone.  So you have to do something else, like hug them or hum a gentle tune for them.  The humming thing would sort of be symbolic maybe.  I can't imagine someone humming to someone that is upset.

Anyway, I went downstairs to grab my Alex the Life of a Child book because there's a scene where the child is ridiculed for her disfigurement.  The father plans to provide an uplifting philosophical lecture, but realizes it would be inappropriate.  So he just holds his daughter.

I thought the Missy Higgins song would fit that.

But then I looked at them more closely and saw the one-you-can't-have bit.

So I guess it's more about losing someone or having unrequited love. You can't have them, so...I guess you sing?

You could sing this song.

It's good for unrequited love.