Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Music and Lyrics

This song has been running through my brain lately.

I think it's a beautiful song.

I like the chorus lyrics.

Cause Sometimes Every World Has Been Used,
And there's Nothing Left To Do
but hold the one you can't have in the sweet arm of a tune.

Speaking of lyrics. I had a misheard one yesterday.

It's on my iTunes, so I probably should have known the title, which would have given me a clue about what I was hearing in the lyrics.

But months ago, I downloaded a bunch of Aussie music and didn't really remember what I had gotten.

Here's the song. It's by Jebediah.

I thought they were saying Lang Bang Hoe in the chorus. I thought it was some kind of nonsense lyrics. Or maybe not nonsenseb ut a language other than English.

Then I bothered to look at the title on my iTunes screen. It's Leaving Home.

Oh!  Okay.

I often don't pay attention to lyrics. I just like how a song sounds and don't usually pay attention to its meaning.

This weekend my brother-in-law showed me how two currently popular songs have very sexual lyrics.

I had no idea.

There's one song that's totally about oral sex.

I usually

A) pay no attention to the lyrics
B) mishear the lyrics
C) hear the lyrics but misunderstand them.

Example is the Missy Higgins song above.   I misheard or misunderstood them.  Well, actually I also misread them, because I checked out the lyrics page.  

I took it to mean that sometimes there are no words to comfort someone.  So you have to do something else like hug them or hum a gentle tune for them.  The humming thing would sort of be symbolic maybe.  I can't imagine someone humming to someone that is upset.

Anyway, I went downstairs to grab my Alex the Life of a Child book because there's a scene where the child is ridiculed for her disfigurement.  The father plans to provide an uplifting philosophical lecture but realizes it would be inappropriate. So he just holds his daughter.

I thought the Missy Higgins song would fit that.

But then I looked at them more closely and saw the one-you-can't-have bit.

So I guess it's more about losing someone or having unrequited love. You can't have them, so...I guess you sing?

You could sing this song.

It's good for unrequited love.  


  1. hahahaha

    that's great. I love that - "You could sing this song ^^"


    okay - so I got the message of the Higgins song from the lyrics you gave. But how you confused the message totally reminds me of Cody. He does that- I can't even tell you how often. I think it's cute. He's so funny how he always messes up the lyrics (don't tell him I said that =D)
    That's way cute

  2. Well that's a nice song. She reminds me of Butterfly Boucher. Probably only on account of her accent. Or maybe also b/c they both play guitars.
    Anyway. Very nice.
    I haven't listened to any of the other Missy Higgins songs you've posted - but I do like this one.

  3. Lea Salonga has a beautiful voice - and clear diction. I did not understand one word Jebediah were singing.

  4. I love Lea Salonga and Les Mis.. On My Own was my favorite song in year 12 after my long term boyfriend broke up with me ( On MSN no less)

  5. HappyOrganist:

    I had to google Butterfly Boucher. I shall have to start depending on you to learn about Aussie celebrities.

    I'm glad I have something funny in common with Cody : )

    Fruitcake: I didn't even really try to understand. I just like the sound of the song.

    Lea Salonga is awesome.

    Kate Sparkles: I love that song too. Sorry about the break-up : ( For a moment I was lost about MSN; but I think I've figured it out.

    The song is great though. I can't imagine anyone not being able to relate. If there IS someone, I'd say the universe is spoiling them. No one should be that pampered.

  6. I love the songs, but like you I have to resort to using lyrics.com to understand the words. I like to sing along (by myself!) and if I can't do the words I'm left with la la la!

  7. Redhead,

    I like to sing along too, but am horrible at remembering lyrics. I either do the la la (or an equivalent) or I start making stuff up.