Sunday, August 12, 2012

My fondness for Anna Bligh has Grown

I just finished watching the February 21, 2011 episode of Q and A.

I love what Anna Bligh said at the end of the program.   I think her words were very balanced and honest.

She said.....

You know, I think it is important to remember that while - it's often the extremes of politics and the extreme views on the left and the right and in religious terms and others that occupies some of the public space because they're the more colourful and we're drawn - one way or another people either get sort of attracted to them or are repelled by them. That often occupies a lot of the public space but, you know, in my experience, if I look over, you know, what Australia has done over, you know, decades, by and large it's my experience in Australia that the mob pretty well gets it right at elections. I don't always agree with it. There's no pleasure in losing but, you know, if you actually look at how Australia manages its democracy, I think we've - you know we've done a pretty good job if you look at how we've done it since federation and, you know, we've pretty much elected governments - some have been better than others on both sides of politics, but we've elected people that have actually made us a pretty good place and, you know, I think that's a reflection of the strength of Australia's democracy and that people by and large take their vote seriously and do the best with it.

It's a nice change from the usual attitude of, our party's the only good party, and if you vote for the other one, the world is going to hell.


  1. I would be much happier to have her as PM than a lot of other people as PM.
    She showed a lot of leadership during that horrible flood crisis. And I don't think she pushed herself forward just to get points, she seemed genuinely concerned to make sure people were informed, and the response was as well coordinated as possible.

  2. Yeah. It would be nice if she were Prime Minister.

    There's something sweet and honest about her.

    Although...who knows. If she became Prime Minister, she might become less sweet and honest. She might end up becoming power hungry.