Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Different Planet

One day I watched episode 8 of Love My Way

The episode left me feeling shocked, terrified, and very sad.

I felt a crap load of empathy for the fictional characters, but I also had some self-centered thoughts.   

I kind of worried the experience would have a lasting effect.

Could I have some kind of nervous breakdown?

Can you get post-traumatic stress disorder from a television show?

Could I become severely depressed?

Out of concern and curiosity, I googled to find out if there was any information and/or opinions about fiction causing depression.  

I didn't find much.

But I did find a couple of articles about how the movie Avatar caused depression, and even suicidal thoughts, in some people.   

It's not that the movie was horribly traumatic. People become depressed after seeing the movie because they wish the blue-people planet was real.  After seeing the movie, it's hard for some people to return to reality.

I can relate to that.

I understand.

Anyway...the star of Avatar is Sam Worthington.

I thought that was kind of funny because he was also in Love My Way....including episode 8.  

In other news....

Last week I went to the thrift store.

I found an Australian t-shirt.

I felt I had won the thrift store jackpot.

I'm wearing it now.

More to come later.



Andrew said...

Worthington was in the news yesterday for donating a prize of $3000 to an 85 year old busker. Seems Sam is quite generous with his money.

Dina said...


Yes. That's very generous of him.

beccaelf said...

Good to see you posting again!

I get depressed after some horror movies, so I understand what you are saying.

Dina said...

Hi Becca!

Thank you! It's nice to see you commenting again.

I know what you mean about horror movies. They're scary, but also sometimes depressing.

And I thought about horror movies when I was worried about getting depressed.

If you can be haunted by something scary in a movie; it makes sense that we can also be haunted by something sad.

What horror movies are the most depressing to you?

beccaelf said...

Anything where there's a world-wide illness that kills almost everyone on earth. Zombie stuff is ok though; for some reason that doesn't bother me too much.

Anytime an animal gets hurt/killed I don't like. Or if a character I really like gets killed off when it looked like they were going to be one of the survivors.

The worst is when a character gets killed trying to save/protect another character. Did you ever see Volcano? Not really a horror movie per se; but this one character is carrying an unconscious person to safety. They are trapped by some lava and he can't get around; so he ends up JUMPING into the lava so he can throw the other person to safe ground. And then he melts in the lava and dies.

Dina said...


I don't think I saw Volcano.

That was brave of the person to kill himself to save another.