Monday, June 16, 2014

Another Random Surprise Australian Book

We went to the library today.

I looked in a G row of the fiction section and picked up a book called Bay of Fires by Poppy Gee.

It's Australian. Before looking at it closely though, I had a feeling it was Australian.  Maybe I've seen it mentioned somewhere?  Or maybe I connect the title to Australia. The jacket cover says it's about Tasmania. I vaguely remember hearing about a Bay of Fires.  Is there a Bay of Fires?  I'll look in a second.

Or it could be the author. The only other person named Poppy that I know of is Poppy Montgomery.

Wait! Now I remember!  It was the word "Poppy".  I associate it with Anzac Day!  So I saw that and thought Australia. It's kind of a coincidence though, because Poppies are more than just an Anzac Day thing.

Okay. Now I'm looking up Bay of Fires.  Lord Wiki says it's a bay on the north east coast of Tasmania.  According to Google Maps it's 2 hrs 45 minutes east of Launceston.

There's a Bay of Fires guided walk holiday. It sounds really nice. If I'm understanding things right, it's twelve hours of walking within four days.  And then you get all this relaxation time as well. It sounds lovely. I want to go.  But it's not going to be happening anytime soon for me.  So in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy reading my Australian book.

I hope I like it. I wasn't a big fan of the last surprise Australian book I ran into at the library. Hopefully, I'll like this one much better.

Anyway, back to the book and why I got the feeling it was Australian. I think it was a combination of the poppy thing and the Bay of Fires. I probably have seen the place mentioned before.  

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