Monday, June 23, 2014


I walked to the library today, and on the way home, I saw a butterfly on the street. He was hopping about, his wings broken. I decided to take him home. I thought our house might be a more comfortable place to die than out in the hot sun.

So now he's in my office with me. I wanted to find a place to put him, but one that's not high up. I didn't want him falling. Yet neither did I want him just walking around where I could step on him.

So I made him a little platform out of some of my Australian books.  

I left to go get some simple syrup. When I came back, he was several feet away from the Aussie book platform. His wings might be broken, but he's quite a walker.

I've tried to rescue broken butterflies before and never had much luck feeding them. But this time it worked. He ate some of the simple syrup.

I can't help but wish he wouldn't least not for awhile.  

It would be nice to have a butterfly friend in my office for awhile; though I wish it hadn't come to this. I wish he could fly and be free. But that aside, I hope he has an okay time here.  

I haven't named the butterfly yet. I was thinking of naming him after someone on Home and Away.  I considered Jonah (Lance Smart's beloved pet fish), but Jonah died, and that might be a bit morbid.  

I also thought of Celia Stewart. But I'm not getting a Celia Stewart vibe from the butterfly.

I don't know yet.

Something's telling me I should name it after John Gorton—not a character on Home and Away. A Prime Minister. I had a trivia question about him today and got it wrong. So maybe that's my way of making things right.  

Yeah. I think I'll name the butterfly John Gorton.   


  1. I think butterflies only live a couple of days. His or hers will be in comfort.

    Trivia question for you. What did John Gorton advertise on tv after he was no longer PM and what caused the scarring and damaged face?

    Next question, still on a political theme. Who was Susan Rossiter and what did her father do and how many times was she married and to whom and what did she advertise on tv. For my benefit, is she still alive?

  2. Andrew,

    I know only one answer to all your questions, and I'm not even sure it's a good enough answer.

    All I know is John Gorton was injured in the war. I think? Maybe a plane accident?

    I don't know what he advertised on TV.

    I don't think I've ever heard of Susan Rossiter.

    I'm going to look this all up, of course. I'm wondering if you want me report back with the answers? Are you sending me out on research hunts? Or is it more of a game of What do I already know?

    Either's fun. So thank you.

  3. It took me awhile to find the John Gorton advertisement, but I did it! I'm glad! So funny.

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

    Okay. I looked up your Susan.

    Daddy was a member of Victorian government. She advertised electric blankets. She was married three times, once to Andrew Peacock and then to two other guys.

    Wikipedia hasn't reported her death, so she might still be alive. She had cancer in 2013.

    Well, no. I think she definitely is alive. I think she's famous enough that he death would be reported.

    I don't think she'd just fade away.

    Anyway...what brought her to mind? Do you think of her when you think of butterflies or John Gorton? Or was it just random?

  4. I thought you would enjoy finding out. I had forgotten about Countdown, but he advertised a commercial product. Even though he was no longer PM, many thought it was bad for him to advertise this product, which connects him to Susan Rossiter/Peacock/Sangster and I thought there was one more husband. She was criticised for advertising commercial products on tv too. While you may be correct about the electric blanket, I recall bed sheets. Yes, Gorton suffered bad war injuries.

    I may have to tell you what Gorton advertised. In fact I can't find a mention of it, so it was Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky.

  5. Andrew,

    I think you're right and Lord Wiki was wrong. Or maybe she did advertise both sheets and electric blankets.

    Interesting about the whiskey! Maybe he drank whiskey while watching Countdown.