Monday, June 23, 2014


I walked to the library today, and on the way home, I saw a butterfly on the street. He was hopping about, his wings broken. I decided to take him home. I thought our house might be a more comfortable place to die than out in the hot sun.

So now he's in my office with me. I wanted to find a place to put him, but one that's not high up. I didn't want him falling. Yet neither did I want him just walking around where I could step on him.

So I made him a little platform out of some of my Australian books.  

I left to go get some simple syrup. When I came back, he was several feet away from the Aussie book platform.  His wings might be broken, but he's quite a walker.

I've tried to rescue broken butterflies before and never had much luck feeding them. But this time it worked. He ate some of the simple syrup.

I can't help but wish he wouldn't least not for awhile.  

It would be nice to have a butterfly friend in my office for awhile, though I wish it hadn't come to this. I wish he could fly and be free. But that aside, I hope he has an okay time here.  

I haven't named the butterfly yet. I was thinking of naming him after someone on Home and Away.  I considered Jonah (Lance Smart's beloved pet fish), but Jonah died and that might be a bit morbid.  

I also thought of Celia Stewart. But I'm not getting a Celia Stewart vibe from the butterfly.

I don't know yet.

Something's telling me I should name it after John Gorton—not a character on Home and Away. A Prime Minister. I had a trivia question about him today and got it wrong. So maybe that's my way of making things right.  

Yeah. I think I'll name the butterfly John Gorton.