Friday, June 13, 2014

Emma Has Arrived and Alf Stewart Aint Happy

I've been watching Home and Away for a year or two now, and today's the first time I saw one of the more famous performers on the show.  Now there are other actors who are well-known, but what they're known for is their long-time work on Home and Away. So I guess I'm talking about celebrities who are more famous for something besides Home and Away. AND I'm also referring to the actors that I personally had known about before becoming addicted to Home and Away. So...I'm discounting Cornelia Frances (Morag) who has done a lot of other work, because I had never heard of her before watching the show. Yeah. I know. I'm being very egocentric here. Sorry.

Anyway, the star who appeared today is Danni Minogue.  Although honestly I really only know her as being the ex-wife of Julian McMahon and the sister of Kylie Minogue. Oh, and I also know she's a judge on some kind of talent show. I should go find out more about her.

Right now I'm not liking her too much...or at least not her character, because she's causing problems between Alf Stewart and his wife Ailsa. She's Ailsa's long lost troubled niece who needs a home. Ailsa wants to help her. Alf does not. I'd like to be kind-hearted and believe her wickedness is going to be tamed, and she'll end up having a Roo Stewart like transformation. But we just had the evil Dodge on the show—the troubled foster kid the Fletchers thought they could save. And it ended up he was a murderous con artist.

Speaking of Roo Stewart, I was wondering why Ailsa didn't bring that up when Alf was whining about not wanting a difficult teenager in the house. His own daughter was one, and Ailsa had to deal with her.

Sometimes soap opera writers annoy me with their selective memories.

Back to the subject of famous actor people on soap operas.  I've encountered more on Neighbours. First of all, from the very beginning, we've had Alan Dale.  I knew him from Ugly Betty and Lost.  It's really fun seeing him in his younger years.  Right now his storyline is about loving a woman young enough to be his daughter. He's getting all kinds of grief about it.  I'm on his side. Yes, there are difficulties in loving someone who is far from your age group, but I think as long as both are consenting adults, it's.... Well, love is love.

We've also have Guy Pearce. His character is so sweet and meek. He's a guy struggling to get enough money to earn a teaching degree. If I was watching the show way back in the 1980's and had to guess who'd end up being the most successful of the actors, it probably wouldn't be him.  And that's not to say he's the worst actor. I think it's more about me confusing the actor with the character.  It's hard to imagine this quiet student teacher will one day become a transexual performer, part of the royal family, a time-traveler, and a guy with a mysterious short-term memory problem.

Last but not least of the celebrity soap opera actors, there's Kylie Minogue.  I got to her episodes a few weeks ago.  Her character's a sweet, but outspoken and misguided teenager who tends to give her mother a hard time.  She's being manipulated by her father into believing negative things about her mother.

I have a lot of Kylie Minogue songs on my Aussie Spotify list.  I like them.

Now I'm going to listen to her sister.

I should add her to my Spotify list...if they have any songs from her. I'm sure they do.