Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Day Before Thanksgiving

I had another dream about traveling to Australia.

It started with me complaining to two friends that they're not good listeners and what's really bad is that none of my friends are good listeners.  Well, actually it started even before that.  But that's a whole other storyline and I won't go into that. I'll just get to the Australia bit.

In the airport, my friends and I head to the gate. We're met by another friend—some girl with platinum blond hair. She, or someone else, tells us it's good we're leaving the day before Thanksgiving.  What she seems to mean is it's better than leaving on Thanksgiving Day itself. But I'm thinking crap, we picked one of the busiest weeks to travel.

We get to the gate. They're already boarding. I hate that I'm having to rush onto a flight, especially one that's going to be so long. As a I walk towards the entrance of the plane, I hear talk of problems on the plane. It's food related—something to do with lamb and veal.

When I get on the plane, I burst out singing...some type of patriotic Aussie song. Then I shut up
(maybe feeling embarrassed. Or inappropriate).

I notice the plane is much smaller than the usual international flight.  I look around at the people. There are older men wearing underpants only.

I then become concerned that this plane isn't going to Australia. I ask an employee and don't get a clear answer. They don't seem to understand my question, and I don't understand their answer.  I try to change the words. Instead of asking if we're heading to Australia, I ask if we're heading to Sydney. 

They answer. I barely understand, but what I get is there is no set destination. We're just going to fly and hang out in the sky.

I'm not to pleased with this, but I take a seat (my friends seemed to have magically vanished from the dream). I sit by some man and we start talking a bit.  I notice he looks like the actor from Freaks and Geeks.  I don't like bothering people about that, but I decide to ask.  Before I even get the question out, he answers. Yes, he's that guy. He tells me his name...which I don't really hear.

I looked it up when I woke up.  It's Martin Starr.

Usually my celebrity dreams are quite random. This one was not.  We've just started watching Freaks and Geeks.  Then yesterday, Tim showed me Starr on another show he watches, Silicon Valley.

He was nice in my dream, though. It's too bad it ended.  It might have been fun flying to nowhere with him.  I wonder if we were even heading in the direction of Australia.  And what would have happened with the lamb and veal?  Would they have had any vegetarian meals available?  Would the guys wearing only underpants put on clothes before landing?

People talk about controlling dreams. Maybe I'd just want the power to continue the unfinished ones.

Well, I guess we CAN finish them...with our conscious mind.

So, I'll say the plane took off. I have fun hanging out with Martin Starr...for part of the time.  Other times, I read a really good book.  And then all the passengers started singing together...the patriotic Aussie song I sang in the beginning.   Some people start dancing.  I join in and dance with them.   No, we don't dance to the patriotic Aussie song.  We dance to dance music, and there are disco lights.  It becomes a wild party.

Then the plane lands in the water near a beach with a lot of kangaroos. We feed them and cuddle them while eating soft-serve ice-cream and meat pies.

I'm still trying to decide what songs we'd be dancing to.

You know I'll go with what's playing on my Spotify Aussie list right now.

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