Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bothering Summer Bay Residents and People Not Excited About Australia

I had two dreams about Australia last night.

In one....

I'm sitting at a table in a restaurant. At a table next to me, are three characters from Home and Away. One of them is Steve Matheson (not sure about the others). I ask if I can sit with them and they let me, but I don't feel completely welcomed.  

I am wondering if they notice my lack of an Aussie accent. I also consider telling them that I come from a different world...universe. 

A young child comes over wearing a t-shirt with a ton of writing. I try to read it and understand. It's something like he's Pagan and he's asking both New Age and atheists not to bother him about his or their beliefs. I say I agree with this sentiment. There's an atheist sitting next to me. She disagrees and says we should all be always open to debate. I decide it's probably okay to debate someone's belief if they're simply stating what they believe. But if someone talks about something very their grandmother has died and is in heaven, then it would be wrong to say no, she's not. She's in the ground being eaten by worms.  

I actually disagree with my dream-self. I think people should be able to state their beliefs without being debated. That's not to say the other person can't then share their opposite beliefs. I think there's a difference between sharing beliefs and debating.

I also think there's a place for debating. Where? When? I'm not sure.  Maybe a debate-format TV show.

I also think sometimes people are asking for a debate. For example, when they become overly persuasive and dogmatic about their beliefs...or present them in a threatening way.

If someone says, I believe in hell. I don't think there needs to be a debate. I don't think they need to give evidence to back up their idea. The person listening can say they believe too. They can say they don't believe. They can change the subject....

If someone says You're going to go to hell because...for whatever reason they give. Well, then I think they're asking for a debate.

Well, let me get to the other dream.

I'm in a room with people who are going to Australia. They were supposed to go to some event, but  it was canceled. I am trying to think of alternate things they can do in Australia.  I suggest the zoo, but am thinking it will be too hot.  Then I think of beaches, and I think specifically of Manly. That might be a nice thing to do. I start talking to the people about potential plans. They don't seem at all excited. They're very apathetic. Then I start thinking. I'm so excited to give them advice about Australia. Maybe I'm over-stepping. Maybe they've already been to Australia.

 I ask them if they've ever been and one answers no.  But they have been to Kenya. The way they say it, it seems like Australia and Kenya are right next to each other. I'm thinking maybe I got it wrong. Maybe they're not going to Australia. So I ask again. Where are you going?  One of them answers. Australia.