Thursday, July 24, 2014

Boyfriend In Bed With the Best Friend

I'm on my third episode of The Secret Life Of Us.

I still don't know the character's names...except for Claudia Karvan's, because Jason mentioned it. But I'm going to start remedying that by looking at Imdb. That way I can be a little less confusing when talking about the show.

Okay, so the characters I'm going to chat about today are Gabrielle, Jason, and Claudia Karvan's character, Alex.

Alex and Gabrielle are best friends. They swim together. They live in the same building. Jason is in a serious relationship with Gabrielle. He helps Alex when she's drunk. He hears her fart. Later they have sex.

I'm not sure if there was something between them earlier. It kind of seems like it. But the show hasn't been exactly clear. Or my mind's not properly picking up on things.

Either way. The basic story is, Alex has an affair with her best friend's boyfriend.

It's not a good situation.

I can be sympathetic towards all of it, though.

Monogamy is hard.

People become attracted to people outside their romantic partnership.

It's awful if the cheating is done with a friend. Double betrayal. But it makes sense to me. First of all, there's the whole forbidden romance element. Second, we tend to be friends and lovers with people that share things in common with us. Couldn't one of those common things be a liking of the same people?

You love your best friend?  Well, guess what! I do too! And I want to have sex with her.

We have a lot in common. We both like black licorice. We both hate wearing high heals. And guess what else. We both want to have sex with your boyfriend!

For some people, sex outside the relationship is unforgivable. Sex is very sacred to them. Even imagining their significant other sexing someone else is horrifying.

I'm not one of those people. I can imagine I MIGHT be jealous and uncomfortable, but I've probably been equally jealous and uncomfortable seeing my husband taking a long walk with another woman or share a deep conversation while cooking.

Other people have the attitude, everything goes, no jealousy...unless sex is involved.

So yeah. I'm okay with cheating.

If I was Gabrielle, I'd be mad at my boyfriend (who actually becomes her husband in the midst of the cheating) And I'd be mad at my best friend. But I'd forgive them if they were apologetic, honest, and groveled a bit. I'd want them to both majorly kiss my ass for awhile. Then maybe we can have a threesome?  

The problem is that's not been happening for Gabrielle.

Alex hasn't apologized. At least not on screen. She gets a dirty look from Gabrielle; then she goes to the bathroom and vomits.

Jason's been a complete asshole.

First, before it came to the surface, Gabrielle asked him if he was cheating. Is he cheating? Has he cheated before? Does he ever plan on cheating on her?  No. No. No.

I don't necessarily think someone needs to blurt out that they're cheating. That all depends on many things. But I do believe if someone is asked, they should tell the truth. Why? Because if someone is suspicious and you lie, you're confusing their sense of reality. You're making them imagine they're paranoid. And if that's not the case, it's incredibly unfair.

Second, not only is Jason not apologetic, but he actually yells at Gabrielle when she gets mad at him. He treats her as if she's the one in the wrong. Like how dare she get upset about him cheating on her and lying.

What an asshole.

Although maybe I don't have the full story yet. Maybe Gabrielle cheated on him in the past, and he feels she has no right to get mad at him.

I'm betting, though, that he's one of those people who can't accept criticism...even when it's merited, so he loses his temper.

I shall see.

And I'm eager to see. I want to know what's going to happen to all these people.

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