Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dolls on Flickr

I was going to wait awhile before writing this post, but I can't get it out of my head.  I'm really eager to learn more about the photos I saw before. To my credit, though, I did hold off long enough to feed the birds and put some laundry away. Oh, and I interrupted Tim's TV watching to inform him about Mark Pelligrino's stance on the whole Israel nightmare.

But now I'm here and I'm going to take a closer look at the photos.

What happened is I went to my Flickr account to retrieve a photo of Heath Ledger's wax figure. I then saw that my photo of a museum exhibit's Home and Away photo had been favorited by someone named Lyndsay2011. My photos aren't often favorited, so when they are, I get curious about who is showing interest.  So I clicked on her name and found myself looked at photos of creepy dolls.  They're like horror movie dolls.

The dolls are positioned in ways to make them look like real children, which I think is really spooky.

I do wonder about person (or persons) who own these dolls. What do they think of it all? Do they see them as their children?  I know there are people who are like that. Or do they too see it as a horror-movie type thing, and they're purposely creating that type of image?

And what is Lindsay2011's connection to Australia and Home and Away? When I was writing my previous post, I quickly looked at their albums and did see something with Australian animals, and I think I saw something about Summer Bay.

They might be Australian. Or maybe they're English?. I know a lot of English people love Home and Away.

Well, now I shall take a closer look....

I'm looking at their profile. They don't have any information about themselves.  But I'm looking at photos they favorited, and I see Home and Away stuff.

Now I'm looking at their albums. The Aussie wildlife one has only five photos, and one is a news photo of the koala drinking water.

There's an album about the Queensland flood. From the description on the album, it's leading me to think that Lydnsay2011 lives in Queensland.

Here's a doll album. From what I saw in some of the comments, I'm starting to believe Lindsay2011 takes his dolls very seriously, and it's not some kind of dark joke.

Though I think it looks a bit like a horror movie (especially since I recently finished reading this book.) I'm trying not to judge people for loving their dolls so much.

When I was a tween, I loved my Cabbage Patch Dolls and would pretend they were real kids. I grew out of that, but I don't see why it's necessary for everyone to grow out of it. And even though I no longer have relationships with dolls, I do have strong feelings for other fictional characters.

I'm thinking there are different levels to this type of doll collecting.

Let's say level one is people who like the dolls for their weirdness factor and like taking photographs.

Level two is people who like the dolls and like to pretend the dolls are real. But they're well aware that the dolls aren't real.

Level three is people who truly believe the dolls are real and therefore these people have lost touch with reality. We might call them insane.

Level four is people who have dolls. And the dolls REALLY are real and we're in the middle of a supernatural horror story.

I feel most comfortable with level one and two. I struggle to be comfortable with level three, and remind myself that not all types of crazy are harmful. And maybe it's not even crazy, because a lot of us have beliefs that are quite out there.

I don't think I'd be okay with level four. That bothers me. Although why should I assume they're evil dolls? I've just been brainwashed by horror movies. Maybe the dolls are really nice.

Here's one that's died. How does a doll die?  Did she break? Was she stolen?

Okay...this doll picture contains the story.  Lindsay2011 had a friend...sort of...babysitting? And the friend put the dolls in the trash. I have a feeling the friend didn't like that Lindsay2011 loved their dolls so much and wanted to try to fix things.

You know, here I'm thinking that Lindsay2011 is a bit off their rocker, but I sometimes feel that way about my stuffed animals. I see them as being real. And it's the same with my Minecraft animals. I have a hard time convincing myself that they're not real animals, and I don't need to feel any empathy for them. Sometimes I'll have an animal that gets itself trapped inside my house. Then I feel bad leaving it there all alone, so I'll work hard to get it out.  Or once I had horses stuck deep down in a cave, and I struggled for about 20 minutes to rescue them.

So...maybe I should conclude Lindsay2011 is a bit nuts. But so am I.

Or maybe we're not.

Maybe the dolls are real and maybe my Minecraft animals are real as well.


I'm looking at the whole photostream. There are certain photos that make me feel a little less open-minded and tolerant. Sometimes I feel a line has been crossed. Though people could say the same about me.

And we all draw our lines in different places.

The thing is... Though, I often think of certain fictional beings as being real, I realize I am probably being ridiculous. And I can laugh at myself. I get the feeling that this is not the case for these photographs. They seem very serious.

But you never know what's behind these people's stories.

Maybe Lindsay2011 is a guy who lost his family and the only way he could cope is to love dolls.  Or something like that.

Here's an editorial/article about adult-doll collecting. The writer's mixed feelings remind me of my own.

That article and this one talk about something called reborn dolls. They're dolls that are made to look very much like real infants. I'm not sure if Lindsay2011's collection would be put into this category, because most of his dolls are children/toddlers rather than infants.  But it's the same general spirit...people treating their dolls as being real.

I think there are so many questions.

Is it creepy or not creepy? I'd say very creepy.

Is it normal or abnormal? I'd say it's abnormal.

Is it harmful or not harmful?

I would say it's probably NOT harmful. Something can be creepy and abnormal but not be a bad thing. It could actually be a good thing. If it makes someone happy, gives someone comfort, and doesn't cause harm to others, then why is it wrong?

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