Thursday, July 24, 2014

Having a John Edwards Moment

I was taking care of some personal hygiene matters while cool music played in the background. I totally felt like a character in The Secret Life Of Us.

I don't think it's the first time I've felt like a character in one of John Edwards' shows.  

Then I wondered if I ever felt like a character on Home and Away. 

I don't think I have.

I just sometimes WISH I was a character on that show.


I think the main reason is my teenage American life in 1988-1989 wasn't very delightful. So I sometimes think about how it would be nice to exchange that bit of my past with a fictional one on Summer Bay. 

Also, they drink so many milkshakes on that show. I think on almost every episode someone orders one. It makes me hungry. Though I need to remember Australian milkshakes are different from American ones. Ours are thicker and have ice-cream. The ones we've encountered in Australia seem more like flavored milk.   


I think John Edwards' shows are probably more realistic than Home and Away. So it's easier for me to have moments where I feel like I'm a character on that show.  Plus, some of his shows use a lot of voice-over and I often have those going on in my head.  Like when I'm dealing with personal hygiene issues.  


  1. Aussie milk shake, cold milk, a scoop of frozen ice cream and syrup. Malt powder is an optional extra. Are US ones more like a McDonalds thick shake?

  2. Andrew,

    It's funny. If I made a milk shake at home, that's how I would make it. And then I'm usually disappointed because it's not thick enough.

    Yeah. I think the US ones would be like the McDonald's ones. And some are even thicker. There's some you can't even drink with a straw.