Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Learned Something From Twitter Today

Recently I began a new Twittership with Claire Isabel, an Aussie who loves Texas. We're kind of like...opposites, I suppose.

Today she had this Tweet. It's a link to a blog post about the song "I've Been Everywhere" And it's about places in Texas. But if you look at the sidebar of the blog, the blogger (Peter Harris) talks about how the original song is Australian. Harris traveled to all the places in the Australian song. That's 94 locations. And he did it all in eighteen months. Wow. I wonder how much time he spent in each place.

I was quite surprised to learn the original song is Australian. This winter we took a road trip. Thanks to The Walking Dead, I've grown some love for Johnny Cash and added his cover/version of the song to our road trip Spotify list. What's funny is, when hearing it, I probably thought something like, That would be cool if there was an Australian version of this song. Or: I love this song, but I'd love it even more if it was about Australia.

I'm glad my ignorance was finally lifted.

Here's a recording of the original song.

The singer is Lucky Starr. But he's not the writer of the song. That credit goes to Geoff Mack.

Lord Wiki lists the places named in the song. It makes me feel like a failure at the whole American-loves-Australia thing because out of the 94 places, I've been to only four—Woolloomooloo, Ballarat, Canberra, and Kirribilli.

Also, I counted the places I've never heard of before. Or I feel I've never heard of them. It's about 60!

To be fair though, some of these are suburbs.  I know a fair bit of cities and towns. I'm not so educated when it comes to suburbs.   


  1. I've heard a couple of good variations of I've Been Everywhere, one in particular that sticks in my mind was set in Papua New Guinea.

  2. Andrew,

    I'm wondering why Papua New Guinea sticks in your mind. Have you been there before?

  3. No, not been there. It is not a place high on any Aussie holiday itinerary.