Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Love Twitter, but....

I got myself back into Twitter, so I could social network in hopes that, somehow, this would lead to me selling more copies of my book.

I didn't like it.

I felt ignored and got tired of people excessively promoting themselves rather than being conversational.

Now I'm loving Twitter.

It started when my family became victims of the Mineorama convention scam.  It was through Twitter that we got details about the scam, found fellow victims, and expressed our anger at the scammers. Best of all, we learned of a fabulous group of generous people who quickly created a free conference to replace the expensive fake one.

Then....I "met" my counterpart—an Aussie who is in love with Texas. I have fun talking to her.

And I'm just enjoying looking at various people's Twitter pages.

I'm finding that there are people who actually want to interact and not just shout out into the void.

I like being part of the Twitter community. I actually might be mildly obsessed.

But I don't think it helps at all with promotion.

I mean it can in a rare fluke moment. You post something and, by a rare miracle, it happens to match someone's interest who is looking at their feed.  But I think usually links and/or promotions are ignored.

I don't usually Tweet my blog posts. Not that I'm against all self-promotion. I think a little here and there is fine. But since I'm a pretty prolific blogger, if I Tweeted all my posts, I'd be a a prolific self-promoter. And I would't want that.

But I did Tweet one particular post the other day—the interview one. One of my followers, Retweeted and I think maybe also created a new Tweet about it. So my blog post was Tweeted three times. As far as I can see from Statcounter and Google Stats, no one has come to my blog lately from Twitter.

Then again, maybe Twitter is a hidden link?  Because the post I Tweeted has gotten much more views than other recent ones.

Maybe Twitter does work! That would be cool.

I'm still not going to excessively promote myself.

Unless I learn there's a guarantee that it will make me rich.


You know how most people end up on my blog?

Bridie Carter.

She's quite popular.

And a teeny tiny microscopic portion of her popularity has rubbed off on me.

Well, not really.

She brings many people to my blog, but she doesn't bring a lot of people who stay on my blog.

I don't even know if they stay long enough to read the post. Most of them probably read the first paragraph and say this blogger is nuts! Then they move on.

A few stay, but I don't think they usually venture outside the Bridie Carter post.

Today I was thinking of Bridie Carter, and you know what....

I might watch McLeod's Daughter's again. Maybe that's what I'll watch after I finish the first season of The Secret Life of Us.  

We left off somewhere in the beginning of season 3.

At the time, we were very attached to Claire, Becky, Jodie, Tess, and that woman who makes Apricot Chicken.  We didn't like the news about there being cast changes, so we gave up waiting for Netflix to have the next DVD we needed.

But now I'm not emotionally attached. I think I can go in there with an open-heart and get to know new characters.

I'm also kind of excited to see Lou from Love My Way. She's in a few episodes. I watched a few clips, but it might be nice to actually watch scenes with the context intact.

If I watch the show, I can feel more connected to all these people coming to my blog. They have the Bridie Carter love. I really don't anymore.

But that can change.

Back to Twitter....

I'm only going back to it, because I put it in the title post, and I'm too stubborn to change the title.

How about I check to see if any McLeod's Daughters people are on Twitter?

Here's a Bridie Carter account, but I think it might be fake.

It's not verified, and she has only 197 followers.

It's very unlikely that a celebrity Twitter account would be that unpopular.  Unless all the fans prefer visiting my Bridie Carter blog post.

That would be funny.

This Rachael Carpani account might be real. It's not verified, but she's following much less people than are following her, which is often a sign of celebrity.

The real or not-real Carpani last Tweeted in March. She's missing her niece.

Well, I'm already getting bored and confused trying to figure out which accounts are real and which are fake.

So I'm going to post this and get onto watching The Secret Life of Us.

Edited to Add-I looked again and now see that I was wrong. I have had a few people from Twitter this week. According to the Blogger-Google stats, five visits have come from there.